Weekly Round-Up #231: Power Naps, Cleaning & Career Inspiration

Weekly Round-Up #231: Power Naps, Cleaning & Career Inspiration


This week we look at how you can get the most out of your power nap, cleaning hacks (and a super-useful checklist) and career inspiration from some wonderful ladies.

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Welcome to this weeks round-up, I hope you’ve had a fun and productive week.

This week we look at how you can get the most out of your power nap, cleaning hacks (and a super-useful checklist) and career inspiration from some wonderful ladies.

A Complete Guide To Power Naps – Benefits, Duration, Tips & More – Sleep Investor

Naps are one of the few things in life that don’t cost much time—and have tremendous benefits for your health and mind. You can lay down for 20 minutes after lunch (when you’re not productive anyway) and wake up ready to go with full energy. The only thing that’s keeping most people back is the old beliefs that napping is for old people, that real adults should be able to get through the day normally.

How To Create An App: The Complete Guide – Codester

In case you haven’t heard, mobile is taking over desktop. More and more users are ditching their laptops and heading to their mobiles to consume content. If you have yet to catch up with the trend and are unsure if an app is right for your business, this article is going to open your eyes not only to the benefits of having an app to grow your business, but how easy it is to create an app – whether you’re a solopreneur or multi-million business.

Latina Entrepreneurs And Businesswomen Who Will Inspire Your Career – Hola

Who runs the world? According to Queen Bey, it’s girls. While there are still strides to make toward equality in the workplace, there are many women that you can look up to for business inspiration, especially from the Hispanic community. Some balance careers in Hollywood while running their own companies, some have climbed the corporate ladder, and there are some young women whose names you’ll want to keep on your radar. These incredible Latina entrepreneurs and businesswomen will inspire you to reach for more and never settle. Take a look through our must-know list to see what you can learn from these Latina women paving the way for future generations of lady bosses.

Person using a laptop on a white desk with a coffee, notepad and pens
Running a business means continually looking for methods to improve your processes and procedures in order to increase your company's profitability. You've most likely read through all of the publications on marketing approaches and other generic methods of enhancing your company's performance. The greatest method to get noticed is to...

A Flower Map Of The UK – Onstride

When you think of the counties of the UK, your first thought might be of the boundaries we’ve drawn, the accents to be heard, the county coats of arms or mottoes. But how about, more simply, what you find underfoot when you tread the natural land?

I have to say that I’ve not seen the “Chiltern Gentian” noted in my county (Buckinghamshire) I do however see a lot of poppies and bluebells so I guess I can’t complain too much! What’s the most prolific flower in your local area – let us know in the comments and if it matches with the map.

HTTP To HTTPS Migration The Definitive Guide – Valen Digital

If you run a website you’ll probably have heard that Google is now promoting sites that use HTTPS over those that don’t. HTTPS ensures data is encrypted and makes for a safer experience for website users. If you have a site and still haven’t made the switch yet this guide from Valen Digital will explain the ins and outs.

80 Eye-Opening Stats & Facts About Sleep – Distub Me Not

Along with proper nutrition and regular exercise, sleep plays a major role in our health. With this in mind, we shouldn’t neglect this aspect of our lives the way we do. That’s why DisturbMeNot compiled this list of interesting statistics about sleep, hoping they’ll help you recognize the importance of sleep and realize that you shouldn’t take it for granted.

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

When Should Kids Get Smartphones? – Panda Security

Everyone has a different style of parenting, and as kids grow up in a digital age, technology will undoubtedly influence parental decisions. To help us better understand the trends in these decisions, Panda Security asked a group of 1,000 Americans, including men and women of all ages, when kids should get smartphones.

Amazing Hacks To Clean Your Home Fast In 45 Minutes – Top Reviewed Ten

It might surprise you to find out that in almost every part of your home you can find and make use of natural things to help you with cleaning. For example, your vinegar and baking soda from the kitchen pantry can and would come in very handy. One of our favorite tools on the infographic below would definitely be making the whole cleaning routine more interesting by employing the use of music – which would transform your once boring, monotonous cleaning session to an enjoyable, fast one.

The Professional House Cleaning Checklist (80+ Tasks) – Soundproof Expert

Sticking with cleaning, are you looking for a printable cleaning checklist to clean every room in your house? The list in this article will give you access to over 80+ tasks you can perform to clean your dirty house. You can even organize them into daily, weekly, monthly cleaning schedule to fit into your routine.

Women In Engineering – RS Online

It’s no secret that the engineering industry in the UK is predominantly made up of male workers, but is this the same throughout Europe? How do other European countries compare on how much of their engineering workforce are women? Look at the GIF below to find out how many women in engineering there are in your country.

Illustration of files transferring from laptop to folder
Working in digital marketing can be an extremely rewarding career choice, particularly if you are a creative individual, or have a flair for the written word. While you may be building up your skills, or even have found some ways to make yourself (and your work) stand out from the...

BYOD: Defined, Explained And Explored – RingCentral UK

As an increasing number of companies begin to support the trend of remote working, BYOD is on the rise. BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, allows organisations to empower their workers, by allowing them to use the devices they feel most confident and familiar with. The BYOD market is prepared to reach a value of about $367 billion by 2022. It ensures that wherever your employees are, and whatever they do, they can access the tools and services they need to remain productive. The question is, what is BYOD, and what can it do to help your business thrive?

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

Until next week, Stay Productive!

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