Weekly Round-Up #30 – Don't multi-task, Underminers are haters and become a working out in the morning guru

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Weekly Round-Up #30 – Don't multi-task, Underminers are haters and become a working out in the morning guru

Hello and welcome to the end of another week! I don’t know about you but they all seem to be rolling into one now in a slow descent towards Christmas… depressing? Or Yeay!? Depends if you like Christmas I guess! Anyway, In this weeks round up we look at how multitasking is bad, why you shouldn’t be proud just for being busy and How to Earn Respect at Work.

Why You Should Stop Multitasking and Start Singletasking –

If you multitask you are (according to this article) 40% less efficient… I’m not too sure about that figure but I do know that there is a “Myth Of Multitasking“. Sure, you may think you’re being productive when you’re doing 10 things at once – but are you? Worse than that, you may also be losing IQ points!

Get it Done: 35 Habits of the Most Productive People (Infographic) – Entrepreneur

This infographic shows you a schematic of areas of your life that will help you become more productive – Although I’m not sure “Define Your Fashion Uniform Wear It Daily” is an actual “productivity” rule.

How To Perfect The Super Handshake – Pleated Jeans

I’ve been writing recently about the importance of Body Language and it’s uses in everyday life but I thought I’d share this post from Pleated-Jeans showing the “lighter” side of handshakes: my personal favourite is the “Way To Go Me” which I utilise frequently.

21 Reasons Why You Should not be Proud of Being Busy – Lifehack

Sometimes it can seem like it’s a competition between people to see how little time we have. This post acts as a stark reminder that being busy isn’t necessarily good – or productive.

How to Deal With People Who Undermine Everything You Do – Lifehacker

Some people just seem hell-bent on undermining you and being a right b**chy back-stabber. This post gives you some ideas about how to cope with these evil beings (and it doesn’t involve smacking them up-side the head… unfortunately!)

11 Ways to Earn Respect at Work – Entrepreneur

Sometimes we all need a little reminder of how to get ahead at work. Too often we think that things should come to us on a plate but this post is a reminder that there are things that we can do ourselves that will help us look better, and get on better at work.

24 Pro Hacks to Help Anyone Start Working Out in the Morning – Greatist

Morning Exercise? Morning is for snoozes and coffee only! I actually seem to prefer to do everything in reverse such as exercising and showering just before I go to bed but if you’re trying to get into exercising in the morning this post may help you.

4 tips to make any team agile – The Next Web

If you’re into software or web development it will be unusual if you haven’t heard of “Agile” development. If you’re living the the “real world” then Agile development is another way of using the “Kanban Board of Backlog, Doing, Done” to keep track of what you’re working on. This article gives us 4 simple tip to aid agile development and make it more productive.

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you have a relaxing time, don’t forget to check out my Body Language Basics Series which I’m running through July and, if you haven’t already, sign up for my newsletter as I’ll be running a competition soon!

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