Weekly Round-Up #22 – Tests are bunk, Sandwiches help time management and FREE stuff!


It’s time for another weekly Round-Up. In this post we look at why the MTBI could be wrong, How you can use “sandwiches” to stop being late and some great free downloads for you.

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The weekly round-up is a bit late this week as I had a rather busy week of it last week helping to organise a charity fund-raising event, football presentation night and karaoke all on the same night – it didn’t help that I (stupidly) decided to bake 48 muffins, a quiche, make a trifle and a whole host of other things as well so I’m afraid this post got pushed to the back-burner so my apologies for that!

I hope you have had a good weekend. I enjoyed mine even if it was a little hectic! And I hope Monday has been good to you. Keep an eye out later for another post with some exciting website update news!

The Myers-Briggs Personality Test Is Bunk But I Don’t Care – Wired

I’ve taken the Myers-Briggs test a few times in the past for work and for pleasure but this article articulately voices the opinion that I’ve had for a while, the Myers-Briggs (an other) tests aren’t worth the paper they’re written on. What do you think? Do you think we should base our entire career paths on something that equates to 4 simple letters? Let us know in the comments.


3 Reasons You’re Always Late — and How to Fix Them – Daily Worth

How often are you late? Are you one of those lucky people who always breeze into a meeting 15 minutes early with an unnerving air of calm surrounding you whilst you wait for the people like me who are invariably 15 minutes late and are flustered and desperate for the toilet? If so, it may be because we’ve underestimated the length of “Sandwich” time we need, that is the time before and after the event itself. For example, with getting ready and travel time a 1 hour meeting may really take 3 hours. This article has some great tips to think about if you’re a chronically late person like me (although I’m getting a lot better, honest!)

Work Smarter, Not Harder: 21 Time Management Tips to Hack Productivity – Most Read

This list covers most of the basics you’ll need to hone your time management skills. Whilst there’s nothing massively new here it’s a great list to give you a quick refresher on becoming more productive.

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10 tips for the work-at-home ninja – Creative Bloq

Whilst this article is slanted towards designers, the tips in it will help anyone who works from home and needs to strike a balance between home and work life.

Free Printables to Help Organize Your Life

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that (apart from always being late) I love free stuff! In fact, I’ve even produced my own free downloadable planners, templates and wallpapers for you to use or, if you’re looking for a diary you can generate your own free FlipPlan pocket Planner. Andreas Notebook though have curated a massive list of planners and downloadable tools for you to use. Whatever you need, there’s bound to be something for it on this list

Have a great week

Try not to work too hard! If you have any articles you think I’d be interested in reading and sharing, please let me know in the comments or by using the Contact Form.

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