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#Weekly Round-Up #206: Getting Away From It All, Pampered Pooches And You Should Have Taken That Job!

#Weekly Round-Up #206: Getting Away From It All, Pampered Pooches And You Should Have Taken That Job!

#Weekly Round-Up #206: Getting Away From It All, Pampered Pooches And You Should Have Taken That Job!

Welcome to this week’s round-up. It’s slightly later than usual as I’ve been busy sorting out what we lovingly call the "junk room" in my house! What was a general dumping ground for everything from old hoover parts to stereos and clothes for donation is now a usable office space again – yeay!

That coupled with Christmas prep, extra orders on my Etsy Store as people want to get ready for the new year and not feeling 100% has meant my careful schedule has gone out of the window – whoops! Yes, even an expert on productivity can be late sometimes!

Anyway, enough of the excuses! In this week’s round-up we take a look at some favourite holiday destinations for Christmas and the summer, How much people in the UK spend on their doggies for Christmas and some famouse actors that are kicking themselves for turning down an iconic role.

How Speed Affects Your Website – Hosting Tribunal

How long do you wait for a website to load? If you’re like me I give it maybe 3 seconds tops and the I’m outta there! I’m not alone either with over a third of people leaving a site if it’s slow to load. I’ve been doing a fair bit of work behind the scenes here at so I hope your experience isn’t too bad but if you’re running a website this is one of the things you should look at if you’re wondering why sales aren’t converting or you don’t have as many leads as you think you should.7

The UK’s Most Pampered Pooches This Christmas Season – Protectivity

Regular readers will know that I am a cat person (just check out my Instagram feed! but I do like to pamper my pets (cats are more likely to play in the box that the gift came in though which is a bit like a toddler!) Apparently dog owners are just the same and this infographic shows us where the most pampered puppies in the UK are (hint, it’s probably everywhere – the Brits are a nation of animal lovers after all!)

The Biggest Movie Star Missteps – Betway

There are some actors that just seem to live and breathe a role – but is that because you’ve seen them on the big screen playing Gandalf or Black Widow? This article look at some surprising actors that turned down an iconic role (and are probably kicking themselves in the backside about it right now).

Wasted Space – Compare The Market

Olympic stadiums, monuments and iconic buildings all have a reason to be built at the time but more often than not they can soon become abandoned due to lack of interest or money. What could you do with all that wasted space? Take a look at this infographic to find out.

Fastest Growing Holiday Destinations For UK Tourists – On The Go Tours

Here in the UK Boxing Day doesn’t just herald the start of the post-Christmas sales, it’s also the start of the holiday buying season – we book just after Christmas for the summer so we have something to look forward to during the horrible winter months. So, if you’re planning a get-away on 2019 where are the best places to go?

Discover The Beaches You Cannot Miss In Puglia! – Charming Italy

Sticking with getaways, if you’re looking for somewhere different to go over Christmas and fancy a beach holiday then check out Italy’s Puglia region – I’d love to know what the key item ""Peculiarity"" means so if you’ve been there then let me know in the comments!

10 Powerful Phrases To Improve Your Leadership – Team Gantt

I’d like to be transparent with you and share some personal research I’ve carried out… Did I grab you with that? Apparently that sentence is full of powerful phrases that will draw you in and make me seem like I know what I’m talking about… I know, right!

How To Declutter Your Home Office – The Order Expert

My home office currently looks like a bomb’s gone off thanks too all of the clutter and equipment I have yet to find a home for. I’ll certainly be following Rashelle’s tips to help me get it back under control!

A Guide To Digital Detox – Hello Brio

Apparently the average person will spend more time on social media over their lives than they do eating – that’s a worrying statistic! Do you think you could give up the tech and have a digital detox?

The 30 Fastest Growing Business Apps In 2018 – Zapier

"2019 is the year copy/paste dies" is a bold claim that this article makes! Basically what we need to be looking at is a way to automate our workflows whether that be templated systems or automated chatbots. Do you use them in your workflow? Let me know in the comments how you have benefitted (or not).

In Our Brutal Modern World, Science Shows Our Brains Need Craft More Than Ever – Science Alert

At a time when many of us feel overwhelmed by the 24/7 demands of the digital world, craft practices, colouring and cooking can be a way to reduce stress and reset out over-used noggins.

Why Coasting At Work Is The Best Thing For Your Career, Health And Happiness – The Guardian

A study has found that a third of us say we are "coasting" in our jobs. Does that mean we’re all slacking – or are we just super efficient?

50 Hours Of Nature Sounds To Bring You Joy And Awe – Tree Hugger

There has been so much research linking nature and happiness; it’s becoming more and more evident that a dearth of trees and fresh air does not do a mind and body good. But could even just watching nature on a screen have similar positive outcomes? According to BBC Earth it can and they’ve released some videos to help you get back to nature.

High-Paying Jobs For Asocial People – Business Insider

Are you a people person? I have to admit I certainly have days when I’m not! If you’re looking to earn money without the hassle of dealing with people then Business Insider has the perfect job list for you!

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

Until next week, Stay Productive!

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