Weekly Round-Up #169: The Dangers Of Being A Zombie, Fake Your Confidence And How To Throw A Wine Party!

Weekly Round-Up #169: The Dangers Of Being A Zombie, Fake Your Confidence And How To Throw A Wine Party!

Weekly Round-Up #169: The Dangers Of Being A Zombie, Fake Your Confidence And How To Throw A Wine Party!

In this week’s round-up we look at how your late nights that turn you into a zombie during the day can have a serious impact on your waistline, how you can come across as being more confident even if you don’t feel it and how to throw the perfect Wine Tasting Party that will have your friends thinking your classy!

Zombie By Day, Owl By Night-Why Sleeping Preference May Be Problematic For Your Waistline – Mind The Science Gap

This post might be a bit old but it has some interesting information that will give you good for thought (pun intended). I find the concept of “Social Jetlagging” interesting – and something that I am certainly guilty of and it looks like my late night tendencies coupled with my weekend sleeping habits could be responsible for some extra bulge around my waistline!

Nothing Is Impossible!! Jetsetgo Ceo Kanika Tekriwal Is A Living Proof Of It – Good Vitae

Despite some severe health set-backs Kanika Tekriwal overcame them to become CEO of the up-and coming JetSetGo. As an entrant in the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia List in 2016, Kanika is proof that a serious illness doesn’t change your drive to succeed – and perhaps even increases it. Check out her inspiring story about overcoming illness and succeeding in a male dominated industry.

5 Things You Should Never Do In A Presentation (Ever) – Buffalo 7

Presentations can go one of two ways: they either draw the audience in and make them super interested in what you’re talking about, or they are so dull that watching paint dry is a better alternative. I’ve lost count of the times the presenter simply read their powerpoint presenations word-for-word (if you’re going to do that then just email me the presentation, I can read it myself thanks). Oh, and please don’t over-use powerpoint effects either. If you want your presentations to pop then buffalo 7 has a great infographic with 5 things you need to avoid at all costs.

From Alpha To Omega: Your Ultimate College Survival Guide – A-List Greek Designs

Grab yourself a coffee before you sit down and read this massive guide from A-List. It’s split into 10 chapters covering everything from choosing accomodation to post-college life. If you (or your child) is off to college or university for the first time then this guide will give you some great pointers. Also check out our Back To Uni: Full Post Round-Up which is full of great advice too.

How To Choose The Best Crm For Small Business In 2018 – Yes CRM

A happy customer is a repeat customer but managing your relationships with them can be a complicated one – especially if you have lots of staff dealing with them or a large customer base. If you want to ensure the best relationships with your customers you need a system that will help you make sure you’re not contacting them too often, or with irrelevant offers. This article from Yes CRM gives you some pointers on what to look for in a Customer Relationship Management system.

Make Custom Labels Free Online And Print Professionally – Labeley

The guys at Labeley got in touch as they know that I love stickers, all things business – and designing things too! You can try out the Labeley Business Card Designer here. It’s free to use and you can use one of their pre-built templates or create your own single or double sided card. If you decide to print, the costs are quite reasonable.

10 Unique Collections And The Psychology Behind Them – Invaluable

I’ve collected a variety of things over the years: stamps, comics, trading cards, football stickers – you name it, I’ve probably got a collection stashed somewhere! If you’re looking for something to collect then check out these 10 interesting collections – you might need to clear out some space first!

10 Techniques To Meet That Deadline – CashNet USA

Deadlines are one of those things that see very far away and then all of a sudden they’re on us. Sometimes this happens because we have too much on our plates and sometimes it’s because we underestimate how complex a task is. CashNet USA has out together an infographic that gives you 10 great tips on how to get a handle on your deadlines and ensure that you don’t run late on a project again.

11 Signs You’re In A Rut (And How To Get Unstuck) – NetCredit

Are you feeling a bit out of sorts and not sure why? Feeling run down, fed up or ready to jack it all in? If so then it sounds like you’re stuck in a rut. This can happen to the best of us at any point in our lives. Sometimes we have just had enough of work, or perhaps a relationship is something you’re struggling with. The important thing is that we recognise why we’re feeling this way and then we can begin to deal with it. If you’re feeling “not quite right” the check out NetCredit’s article on signs that you’re in a rut and what you can do to start feeling better.

How To Look And Sound More Confident – Pounds To Pocket

You don’t have to be truly confident in order to come across as confident. There are a few techniques you can use to come across as more confident in front of your colleagues or customers (top takeaway: keep your hands out of your pockets and use them more!)

The Ultimate Guide To Hosting A Wine Tasting Party –

In last week’s round-up I wrote that a glass of wine a day can actually have surprising health benefits so the guys at figured out that I like a drop or two of the good stuff (I wonder what gave them that idea!) and sent me over an article on how to host a wine tasting party. They give you a list of what supplies you need (including how much wine) and a free placemat download with tasting guides and a marking system – you might also want to pair a great cheese with your wine to make a really great evening of it (I love cheese if you hadn’t worked that out either!)

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you have enjoyed this round-up, as always if you have any links you like to share with me and my readers please contact me through the website or send me a tweet.

Until next week, Stay Productive!

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