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Weekly Round-Up #140: What's Your Side Hustle? Timekeeping and The Ultimate Guide To Managing Your Email

Weekly Round-Up #140: What's Your Side Hustle? Timekeeping and The Ultimate Guide To Managing Your Email

Weekly Round-Up #140: What's Your Side Hustle? Timekeeping and The Ultimate Guide To Managing Your Email

Hello! I hope you’ve had a happy and productive week. This week we take a look at some great productivity tips to help you when you’re working at home, some templates to help you track you and your employee’s time and a massive guide to email that will help you get your inbox sorted (get comfy for this one!)

13 Healthy And Cheap Snacks To Take When You Are On The Go – Positive Health Wellness

It’s all too easy to grab a burger or sandwich when you’re out and about as you think you don’t have time to make something that’s quick, easy and (more importantly) healthy but that’s not the case. Check out Positive Health Wellness’ 13 Cheap and Healthy snacks to take with you when you’re away from your kitchen.

7 Productivity Tips for the Home Based Entrepreneur – Time Doctor

When you’re working from home it’s quite easy to get into a bit of a rut in terms of your routines, productivity and time management but you don’t have to worry with these great tips from the Time Doctor team, you’ll be able to get your home base-productivity back on track.

Free Employee Timesheet Templates – Excel, Google, PDF, Word – Time Doctor

Sticking with another article from Time Doctor if you need to track time but don’t want to shell out on an expensive time management system, or are looking for a simpler solution then you can use Time Doctor’s templates which are available in a variety of formats

28 Boring Words Alternatives – Improve Your Writing – Custom Writing

We all have to write at some point, whether it’s a report for school or work or an amusing Facebook update. Whatever it is you’re penning, make your prose sizzle with alternatives to “New”, “Good” and “Smart” that will impress anyone.

Moving Back Home: A Survival Guide Infographic – Money Guru

Being someone that’s moved in and out of my parent’s house a few times depending on my circumstances, I wish I’d had this article a few years ago to give me some pointers – although I don’t think there’s any way you’ll stop me lounging around in pyjamas for anything!

What ‘Side Hustle’ Should You Try? – Quick Quid

Everyone could do with making a bit of extra cash at some point and this infographic from Quick Quick gives you a few ideas of side hustles you can try based on your current interests – after all, it’s important to do something you love!

How to Maximize Productivity Through Fun in the Workplace – Team Gantt

We all know that “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” but some business are still very firmly stuck in the past when it comes to allowing workers to relax and blow off steam a little at work.

People Who Hit The Snooze Button Are More Intelligent, More Creative And Happier – The Independent

It’s nice to read that there may be some benefits to my night-owl habits and tendency to hit the snooze button a couple of times in the morning! In this post from the U.K newspaper The Independent they give you some reasons why night owls may lead a better life style and the importance of listening to our body’s needs.

How to navigate controversial topics in the workplace – Quill

There are always going to be some subjects that are difficult to tackle at work, no matter how liberal your workplace may be. From politics to bereavement there’s going to be a topic you come across that has the capacity to upset someone so check out this infographic and article from Quill to help you traverse the mine field.

How To Not Give A F!$k – Charisma On Command­­­­

Sometimes we care too much and should really learn to let go. In this YouTube video, you can learn to let go and not care so much – which is great advice as long as you stay safe and don’t upset other people.

Hat Tip: Lifehack

Why every office should scrap its clean desk policy – TED

Einstein famously asked “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”. Offices have long held the policy that you should keep personal items off your desks as it serves as a distraction. Apparently, new research shows that that theory may not be the case as TED discovers in their interesting article.

Financial Tips and Advice for Students – Payoff Pilot

Teaching children early on to save up will give them habits that last a life-time. This article from Payoff Pilot was suggested by a reader as they’d read my The Ultimate Guide To Student Life and thought that the links in this article would be useful to parents who want to help younger savers.

Inbox Zero: The Ultimate Guide to Managing Your Email – The Productive Physician

You’ll want to make yourself a pot of coffee before sitting down and reading this fantastic article from Mark over at the Productive Physician. This article is over 10,000 words of tips, interviews and advice on how to get your inbox under control and learn routines to keep on top of your email. Don’t worry if you can’t get through the article in one go as Mark provides a handy PDF download for you to read at your leisure.

Don’t forget, if you’re looking for a more structured way to learn how to manage your inbox you can sign up for my Free Become An Email Ninja email course

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