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Weekly Round-Up #116: Using Tomatoes For Productivity, Why Your Team Isn't Working and Your Inner Literary Heroine

Weekly Round-Up #116: Using Tomatoes For Productivity, Why Your Team Isn't Working and Your Inner Literary Heroine

Weekly Round-Up #116: Using Tomatoes For Productivity, Why Your Team Isn't Working and Your Inner Literary Heroine

Welcome to this week’s round-up. In this edition we look at how clutter can be a sign of depression, how you can stop procrastinating and how you can easily work out your MBTI

12 Pomodoro Timer Apps That Will Boost Your Productivity – Zapier

The Pomodoro Technique is a great way to break complex tasks into smaller and more manageable chunks so that they’re not overwhelming and you can get more things done. This post from Zapier gives you 12 great tools to measure and manage your tasks using the Pomodoro Technique.

How To Stop Procrastinating – Tips To Be More Productive – Ismonoff on YouTube

If you’re looking for some great and simple tips to stop procrastinating but don’t fancy wading through a long article then check out this short but informative YouTube video that will hopefully get you in the mood to get more done.

4 Science-Backed Reasons Your Team Is Dysfunctional – Team Gantt

In order for a business to work well, employees need to work well together too. Unfortunately there are some aspects of team work that cause issues within an organisation; Luckily there are some scientific reasons why this may take place.

Try These Personal Development Courses When You Feel Off Track – Productivity Theory

If you feel like you’re in a productivity rut then why not take a course as a refresher or to teach yourself something new.

Pile of binders
I was contacted by DocStoc recently asking me to take a look at a new piece of software they've released called DocStoc Sync. I've written before about DocStoc but if you're not familiar with their service, its essentially an online document storage site that allows you to upload documents and...

This is the precise time to go to bed if you want to wake feeling refreshed tomorrow – The Telegraph

Our sleep system works on cycles and if we want to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning we need to figure out when in our sleep cycle we should wake up – and more importantly when to go to sleep.

17 Little One-Minute Hacks That’ll Improve Your Life Instantly – Buzzfeed

Little things can add up to make big improvements – from what to think about when you wake up to tips on using your mobile there’s something here to help everyone improve their productivity.

There’s a school of though that an ordered desk means an ordered mind, but there’s also increasing evidence that being surrounded by clutter may be a sign of depression. Check out this guest post about depression which has some great advice on how to spot and cope with depression.

From Passion To Profit

Top 10 Cheat Sheets to Help You Master Microsoft Office – Lifehacker

Office is one of those programs that we all come across in our lives. Whether it be Word or Excel, using keyboard shortcuts or knowing where a menu option is on that annoying “ribbon” thing can really speed up your writing process and make you more productive.

Hat tip: Home Tips World

Free Online Personality Test – 16 Personalities

Figure out where you lie on the Myers Briggs Scale with this free test. You do need to provide your email address to get your full results emailed to you but I think the insight is worth it.

Woman wearing dark brown hair extensions
There are so many hair extensions out there, but the type you should use depends on your style and needs. If you want to add length but maintain your hair's thickness, then sewn-in extensions are the best choice. Whether you decide to go with sewn-in, Clip-in, or any other type...

Your Literary Heroine Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type – Verily Mag

For a bit of fun once you have your personality type why not figure out which character you are from a historical novel? I’ll tell you who I am if you let me know who you are in the comments!

Have A Great Weekend

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s round-up. If you have anything that you’d like to share with me readership then please contact me or send me a tweet.

Until next week, stay productive

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