Weekly Round-Up #40 – Get your inbox (and tasks) under control, stop sitting down and don’t be an over-achiever

Weekly Round-Up #40 – Get your inbox (and tasks) under control, stop sitting down and don’t be an over-achiever


This week we take a look at how you can manage your emails and tasks more efficiently with a couple of simple apps, how being an over-achiever can be seriously damaging to your health and how you can build a simple standing desk for just $22!

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Welcome to this week’s issue of the Flipping Heck round-up.

This week we look at two ways to manage your emails, how to sort out your gmail space, how not to get the sniffles and I have a little request.

MixMax – Google Inbox’s missing feature solution? – Mix Max

I was pointed in the direction of MixMax by one of the co-founders of the project who thought it would be something I’d be interested in considering my rather lacklustre feelings about it in my initial review. MixMax adds some of the functionality that is missing what what is a rather basic email app (okay, I know it’s still in it’s early stages buy Google could have done better). There’s read email tracking (not that you’re stalking, right?), ember your calendar into Inbox so you know when you’re free rather than having to swap between tabs/calendar programs, and – perhaps most importantly – it allows you to embed animate GIFS and emojis into your emails so that people can now really get those cat pictures you wanted to send.

MixMax has a free tier with extra feature plans starting from $9. Note that I haven’t tried the service myself as I’ve pretty much given up on Inbox given my reliance on my format of labeling and filtering emails to get to Inbox Zero which doesn’t work with Inbox at all. I would say though, if you run Gmail pretty “normally” then take a look at MixMax as it may have some really useful (missing) features for you.

Stay Safe Over The Flu Season With These Helpful Tips – Clean It Suppy

Another one of my emails this past couple of weeks was about the fact that we’re entering Flu season and how it’s important to stay healthy – and hygienic! Flus doesn’t just affect the young or elderly, it can have a severe impact on students and office workers too. Quite often we’re pressured into going to classes or our jobs because “to be seen is to achieve”, all we end up doing is making ourselves feel worse, being unproductive and passing on whatever horrible germs we have to other people. Follow these tips to help you stay safe(ish) from getting the flu – and from passing it on to others.

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Also, remember that if you’re in the U.K and a member of a vulnerable group (young, elderly or have certain diseases) you get the flu jab for free so make your appointment as soon as you can – they’ve already started advertising!

Employee Recognition Ideas – SnackNation

I hate it when you work for a company and they just assume that you realise how valued they are with you. In these days of austerity I’m not saying that we have to have massive bonuses (ahem I’m looking at you Bankers), sometimes just a “thank-you” or a “well done” is enough.

This post which SnackNation pointed me to contains 33 (yes, Thirty Three!) really good ideas on how to recognise employees without it costing the company a packet.

If you’re looking at ways to engage, value and reward employees then check out this post for some great ideas.

Using Emails to Manage Your Tasks? Then Let Tribe help you out – Tribe.do

Tribe got in touch to see if I’d be interested in looking at their email product. Whilst MixMax sits firmly in the “InBox” only court, Tribe is accessible from all email accounts and devices. Essentially, Tribe adds a new level of task management to your email system, you can flag items as a “to-do” by simply CC’ing in Tribe into your email, once you’ve done this you get a daily report on tasks you need to do, or those that have been passed to others and then use a series of pre-defined email templates to get quick progress reports.

All-in-all it looks like a very clever and interesting system although I’m not a big fan of using emails for tasks or reminders but if you’re someone that has their head firmly stuck in their inbox (rather than using one of my fantastic free printable planners) then it’s well worth a look.

Here’s How to Clean Up Your Gmail Inbox, You Hoarder – Wired

This isn’t so much about sorting your inbox out as in managing the space you’re using. Google shares it’s space limits across Gmail, Drive and Photos so if you’re uploading a ton of hi-res photos and receiving video attachments of Aunt Masie’s cats every week you can soon run out of space. Not being one to buy anything (I know it’s only like $2 a month but that’s not the point!), this guide is a great place to start if you want to figure out how to free up some valuable space.

Infographic: Morning Habits Of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Other Successful People – Sleepy People

I know, I know, I’m obsessed with mornings – probably because I’m so bad at them! In this infographic you can see how some of the biggest names in tech and politics start their days. I like Winston Churchill’s idea of staying in bed until 11am the best!

Hat Tip : Design Taxi

The Surprising Downsides of Being an Overachiever – Lifehacker

This article came at an interesting time for me. I’ve almost finished reading Felicia Day’s autobiography – “You’re never weird on the Internet (almost)” (affiliate link) and she’s a classic over-achiever (no offence Felicia!). Her book, and this article has made me realise that I’ve been putting off so many things because I a) can’t get it “quite right” b) don’t think I’m good enough and c) get stuck into a cycle of procrastination.

Thankfully, help is here! Read the post from Lifehacker but, more importantly, read Felicia’s book (yes, I feel like I can be on first name terms with her now!) if you suffer from anxiety or a need to over-achieve it’s well worth a read.

Build a standing desk for under $22 – Ultimate Mats

We’re being told that sitting is the new smoking – great! For most of us it’s not something we can avoid easily but over at Ultimate Mats they’ve come up with a nifty way to make a standing desk with a few bits from Ikea so now you’ve no excuse for sitting on your backside all day!

Maslow’s Modern Hierarchy of Needs – The Poke

I thought I’d end this week’s round-up on a lighter note. I’m sure we’ve all been taught Maslow’s originally hierarchy of needs in business class which includes belonging and safety, but this version adds two very important factors into his pyramid.

One final note – I could do with your help

I hope you enjoy the content on this blog, and it’s not often that I ask for help but occasionally I think it’s justified.

This month in the U.K marks “Go Sober For October”, a month where people pledge to give up alcohol for the whole month in order to raise money for Macmillan Nurses. Macmillan nurses help those who have, or are affected by Cancer and are not funded by the government but by donations.

Being someone whose life has been touched by cancer in many different ways, and having had access to the Macmillan nurses, this is a charity close to my heart.

I did the “Go Sober” challenge last year and managed to raise a fantastic amount of money. I know I won’t get anywhere close to it this year (for starters I don’t have an ex-member of Whitesnake helping me out!) but every penny I can raise will go towards helps the sufferers of cancer – and more importantly provide support for their families.

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Why should you support me in my sober challenge? Good question! As well as helping me in a good cause you’ll also be affirming that I can do something (and as someone who’s a perfectionist I need that!). Do I need to give up the beer and wine? Hell yeah! I used to work in a bar so I’m all about that boozen – it’ll be tough not to use it in cooking for a month though so sacrifices will have to be made!

Any donation you make will be really appreciated – and I’m sorry if you feel this request is out of line with the content of this blog but I know some of you out there will help.

Support My Go Sober Challenge… please click here!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the round-up this week. Thanks for reading, thanks for your consideration and have a great weekend

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