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Top 3 Tricks To Make Your Sunday Night A Productive Planning Session [Guest Post]


Top 3 Tricks To Make Your Sunday Night A Productive Planning Session [Guest Post] Staff
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This is a guest post by Max Cron

Depending on how well you prepare yourself, organizing on Sunday nights can be the beginnings to a fantastic week. Here is a curation of the top 3 tricks to making your Sunday night a productive planning session.

1. Cook food for the week

When our bodies need nutrition, our minds don’t work at their highest levels. Making sure we eat a good breakfast, lunch and dinner is vital to our weekly productivity. Try cooking batches of food on Sunday night. It helps you put together quick meals during the week, which in the rushed morning or after a long day of work, having a hot meal ready to eat can be a lifesaver.

2. Make a prioritized to do-list

Now that you have your energy for the week, sit down and list the top 10 or 20 things you have to do this week. Start to organize them by how soon they need to be completed and an estimate of how long it will take you to complete.

Sometimes priority can be reworked from when it is due, to how much effort and time it will take. Saving the harder tasks for the morning is a great way to structure your day. Once we see what needs to be done right in front of us, it is easier to begin tackling chores and assignments.

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3. Meditate

After you have your food set for the week and a prioritized to do list, meditating is a great way to relax and clear the mind. Meditation is proven to rebuild gray matter inside the brain, which helps us with focus and memory. There are many different kinds of meditation that people can benefit from including breathing meditations, walking meditations and chanting meditations. Try them all and figure out which one best suits your lifestyle.

Meditation on Sunday nights gives you a chance to process and let go of what happened last week. It allows the mind to forget the to-do list and clear itself for a productive week.

About Max

Max Cron - Mindfulness, leadership and business coach

Max is a consultant for Point Above, a mindfulness, leadership and business coach based out of New Orleans, Louisiana.

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