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The Ultimate Testimonial: How Influencers Can Increase Your Sales

The Ultimate Testimonial: How Influencers Can Increase Your Sales

The Ultimate Testimonial: How Influencers Can Increase Your Sales Staff
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Perhaps one of the latest words that should be added to the Oxford English Dictionary is the word “influencer”. An influencer is essentially somebody on social media who influences opinion, someone with a large enough following to sell a product through their reviews or sway an opinion in favour of a particular brand.

A successful influencer will be able to increase the sales of your product by using sponsored posts that directly target your main demographics more efficiently. This article strives to outline just a few of the methods that influencers can use to increase your company’s sales.

Offer access to a huge following on social media

The key to be a great influencer is having a large social media following. One thing that social media has changed within society is how connected we are to the brands and figures that we consume daily. In the old days of advertising, there was no real way to directly target consumers, but platforms like Instagram have changed that.

Let’s say you’re looking to sell beauty products and you use an influencer with a strong following of teens who are interested in beauty products. Promoting your product through this influencer is a great way of targeting a specific demographic that is much more likely to convert your products into sales.

Influencer’s influence

There really is no getting away from the fact that influencer culture, well, influences. Sometimes, it can even be the case that your average beauty blogger influencer has a lot more sway over people than some of the biggest politicians and brands in the country.

Let’s look at your influencer as an endorsement for your brand or product; if their point of view or opinion holds strong weight with their audience, then their positive reviews of their product are going to lead to increased sales for your business. Influencers are increasingly providing a much more direct advertising channel between brand and consumer.

Solidify brand identity

In addition to selling products, influencers are great for solidifying a curated brand identity for your business. If you’re a brand looking to sell sports shoes, you do want to create user-generated content, but you don’t want to have a set of retirees wearing or being associated with your shoe.

However, attaching your shoe to a set of on-trend, fashion-forward influencers creates associations that also create connotations to your brand in the eyes of the consumer, creating a quality brand identity as a cool, fashionable product. The key is to look for influencers in your particular niche or industry and find a direct, customised market for you. There are plenty of social media analytical tools that allow you to track your sales conversions, too.

Hopefully, by now, you’ve been persuaded in understanding the true power of an influencer in generating increased sales for your business. When you think about it, this article possesses its very own influence of its own. An influencer is a great way to attach your product to someone who possesses quantifiable power and sway over a target audience.

Take a look on Instagram to reach out to an influencer in your industry. Alternatively, take a look across all social media platforms to find an influencer perfect for you, or ask an influencer marketing agency to help you in that task.

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