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Awesome Marketing Campaign Ideas For A Small Business

Awesome Marketing Campaign Ideas For A Small Business

Awesome Marketing Campaign Ideas For A Small Business Staff
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Marketing for a new business is like climbing a mountain. It is a journey which will take a lot of time and dedication and even when you get to a point where you are well known, you still have to work hard not to fall down the other side. Marketing is important for any small business because it will allow you to gain an audience of people who engage with your brand and who want to buy your products.

Creating amazing marketing ideas every day is a tough thing to do and we can sometimes find that all of the great ideas have burnt out. Today we want to take a look at some inspiring ideas for marketing campaigns to get you through your creative slump.

1. Share your story

One of the things you always need to do as a brand is to find a way to connect to your audience. If you are trying to come up with an idea or two for your marketing this year, its a good idea to use your own story. How did you start your business? What makes it special to you? Share something about yourself and this can build a connection and it will add an element of trust between you and your audience.

2. Create a gift guide

During the festive season, you will want to market your business like crazy and one of the ways to do this is to create some fun content. A gift guide can be a cute way to share some ideas with your followers and drum up views on our website, and while making one you can add your own products in there for a bit if day marketing!

3. Include mystery offers

Ever thought of doing something similar to McDonalds monopoly? When you want to drum up some real interest and mystique with your brand it can be fun to try something new. Think about adding tickets or codes to products which will correspond to one of a number of mystery prizes. This is a good way to make people interested and it can really help your business.

4. Give a freebie with purchases

If you want to promote a new product and you aren’t sure how, try giving away a free one or a free sample along with the purchase of another product. This will allow people to buy items they already trust and then gain the chance to see an item they have never seen before.

5. Create a countdown

When you love a brand and their products, do you know what’s exciting? A countdown. If you have a new service or offer coming out, one way to generate interest would be to simply start a countdown a few weeks before the event. You can add small hints every day and little images of the products and this will make people excited for when it comes out.

6. Have a positive online reputation

SEO, web development and reputation all have a hand in making sure your business is successful. Make sure that you take the time to build your online reputation by creating a website and content, and engaging with your audience. The more you engage with the population the more they will want to follow you and this will make a whole lot of difference.

7. Give gift cards

If you want to try something new, think about offering gift cards which people can buy on behalf of their friends and family. This is a simple way for you to earn some money by providing something a little different.

8. Organize a scavenger hunt

Close to Easter or Christmas you will always want to make your business stand out and this means that you should think about a publicity stunt. A scavenger hunt could be the perfect chance for you to share your products and brand with people by hiding clues all over the local city to find something you’ve made or a free ticket for an event.

9. Use email to lure customers

A good email can be a great way to show off your new products and deals to your customers this year. For example, if you were to share something such as a new offer or range of products on the top of an email this might encourage customers to click through to your site and view it for themselves.

10. Partner with other small businesses

The best thing you can do as a small business is take advantage of the network you have. A small business can always get in touch with another small business and this can be a handy way for you to drum up support both professionally and in the public domain. Collaborating on a product can mean that both audiences are exposed to a new brand and this can be mutually beneficial for you all.

11. Work with charities

Charities are a wonderful way to make your business feel more organic and real and they can be wonderful to work with. If you care about a good cause then you could make a fundraiser or start a project to help raise money for that charity. This is a good way to make you look great as a business and it of course allows you to do something truly good for your people.

12. Put on an event

Host a seminar, a corporate event, a concert, afternoon tea…. anything to drum up some interest! Events can be a great way to become part of the community and make people feel like they are part of something without being overwhelming with marketing.

13. Create a video campaign

If you want to gain some popularity in the world a good idea would be to create a video campaign in which you create great content for your brand. Video can be a popular thing and it will likely allow you to reach a whole new audience who you wouldn’t have been able to reach before.

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