The Importance of a contract

The Importance of a contract

Read any online forum such as WebmasterWorld and you’ll see no end of web developers complaining that their clients won’t pay up. Why? because they didn’t bother with a contract.

As I’ve already mentioned here in Managing Web Projects #5, the contract is a very important (and yet often missed) part of the development process:

Not only does a contract protect the client, it protects you as well. You can clearly state what is expected from both parties – from you, a fully functioning site in x weeks, from the client, content to be delivered by x and any later then the project deadline is moved back x weeks.

Digital Web Magazine have just published an article stating the importance of a contract:

Proposals Are Not Contracts

What does this mean for the small/solo web designer? For most of us, the cost of undertaking even a small-scale litigation would far outweigh the potential return, especially when the adversary is a client with its own internal legal department and mountains of cash at its disposal.

So, if you didn’t believe me the first time around, perhaps you’ll believe them?

Read the full Entry “Web Design Contracts” at Digital Point Magazine.

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