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The Importance Of A Contract

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The Importance Of A Contract

Read any online forum such as WebmasterWorld and you’ll see no end of web developers complaining that their clients won’t pay up. Why? because they didn’t bother with a contract.

As I’ve already mentioned here in Managing Web Projects #5, the contract is a very important (and yet often missed) part of the development process:

Not only does a contract protect the client, it protects you as well. You can clearly state what is expected from both parties – from you, a fully functioning site in x weeks, from the client, content to be delivered by x and any later then the project deadline is moved back x weeks.

Digital Web Magazine have just published an article stating the importance of a contract:

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Proposals Are Not Contracts

What does this mean for the small/solo web designer? For most of us, the cost of undertaking even a small-scale litigation would far outweigh the potential return, especially when the adversary is a client with its own internal legal department and mountains of cash at its disposal.

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

So, if you didn’t believe me the first time around, perhaps you’ll believe them?

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Read the full Entry “Web Design Contracts” at Digital Point Magazine.

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