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Weekly Round-Up #121: Try, Try Again, Purposeful Procrastination and Manage Your Money Like A Boss

Weekly Round-Up #121: Try, Try Again, Purposeful Procrastination and Manage Your Money Like A Boss

Weekly Round-Up #121: Try, Try Again, Purposeful Procrastination and Manage Your Money Like A Boss

This week we take a look at how achieving a flow state can supercharge your productivity, some words you should avoid if you want to be take seriously and the most relaxing music to help you meditate and fall asleep.

FLOW: Blogger’s Path To Peak Performance – Teaching Entrepreneurs

Flow is an important part productivity – get into the right frame of mind and you’ll be able to power through anything. This article from Teaching Entrepreneurs shows you how you can use 4 simple techniques to get into a state of flow and power through any task – not just blogging!

How Many Times Should You Try? – Personal Excellence

Do you give up on the first attempt if something doesn’t go right or do you stand by the adage “If at first you don’t succeed then try, try again”?

This infographic shows that even the most famous or important figures don’t necessarily get it right on the first attempt – and often come up with a better idea thanks to the failure.

PDF To Word Conversion On Your Mobile – CometDocs

Sometimes you don’t have your laptop with you and need to make a quick change to a PDF that you have on your device, on an email or in a cloud storage drive. Now you’re able to convert your PDF files to Word Documents so that you can edit them on the go.

You can download the app for iTunes here and for Android here.

The Most Relaxing Songs of All Time, According to Science – MakeUseOf

There are some odd inclusions in this list (there are many more Coldplay songs that are more relaxing) and I’m surprised there aren’t more classical songs included but if you’re looking for something to meditate or fall asleep to then I’d certainly take a look at the first 2 songs on the list – just don’t listen to the song “Weightless” when you’re driving!

15 words you should eliminate from your vocabulary to sound smarter – Mashable

I literally can’t believe the words that are on this list. It’s like your really, absolutely reading my mind irregardless of the fact that you’re just a webpage!

I would add the word “actually” to this list as well. I actually used to say actually quite a lot actually!

5 Simple Steps to Organizing Anything – The Order Expert

We need to treat organising our stuff more like a project than just something we “get on with”. If we think to ourselves “I must sort out the junk room” – what are you sorting? It’s a big project with no clear path to success. The Order Expert takes you through 5 tips to narrow down how to really go about organising your stuff.

Print Custom Sticky Notes with Google Slides – Learning In Hand

I love post it notes! And now, with these handy templates from Learning In Hand, you can print your own fantastic designs!

People who are always late are more successful and live longer, says science – The Tab

I am chronically late. I could leave an hour earlier for an appointment than I need to and I’d still find a way to be late. It’s nice to know thought that I’m not alone and there may be some scientific reasoning for my constant tardiness.

Reading through this article, I can see that I am a bit of a “time optimist” but I’d hate to be pessimistic – I can’t stand being early and having to hang around!

It’s Come To This: Procrastination Nannies Are Now A Thing – Fast Company

How many projects do you have that are sitting in limbo, half-started and half-forgotten about? I really like the idea of these Cave Days where you can knuckle down with others to just crack on and get stuff done. There’s something rather comforting and supportive of being in a group trying to achieve the same goal even if they’re working on different things.

I’d love to attend one of these – as long as they’re not too “happy clappy”, I wouldn’t want to upset my British sensibilities!

How to Procrastinate on Purpose & Define YOUR Priorities – Productivity Physician

You’ll want to grab a coffee before you sit down and read this really interesting article from Mark a.k.a The Productivity Physician. We’re often told that if we’re not busy we’re not being productive – and procrastinating is even worse still. It turns out that this might not necessarily be the case and procrastination can actually help your productivity.

How To Manage Money Better {Like A Boss} – Creative Savings

If you’ve finished your coffee then grab another one before you dig in to this massive list of saving’s tips Kaylin has put together. From how to start a budget, making your budgets work for you and how you can organise your receipts this massive list covers everything you’ll need to get your finances in order.

Have A Great Week

If you have anything you’d like to share with my readers please contact me.

Until next time, Stay Productive!

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