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The Best Android Accessories To Increase Productivity

The Best Android Accessories To Increase Productivity

The Best Android Accessories To Increase Productivity Staff
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Productivity! If you want to increase it in the modern world, you’ll need to look to tech to help you out. In fact, as so many of us are metaphorically glued to our phones throughout the whole day, it makes sense to leverage this technology to help us get more done. Happily, there are many techy items and gadgets that can do wonders for our productivity, both at work and at home. A topic you can find out all about in the post below.


Do you use your earphones to listen to the latest industry podcast while running, or to block out the noise in the office to get more done? Whichever purpose they serve, they can certainly be a handy accessory in promoting productivity.

With that in mind, you must invest in the right pair for you. That is comfortable ones, ones that have a good sound quality, and are practical as well. Of course, the leading earphones in the field right now are wireless earbuds. Earphones that inside the ear for improved noise cancellation and sound quality. Yet are not tethered by those oh-so-annoying wires that tangle up in our bags, or wrap dangerously around our necks when we are using them. The best of which you can find out about in the video below.

Bluetooth speakers

Sometimes if you have a laborious and time-consuming task, the inertia you feel when you try and begin is the thing that most severely interferes with productivity. Of course, that is why many people choose to inject a little motivation and enthusiasm into their working days with some upbeat music. This being something that can be played in any location (from the office to the dreaded file storage room) with the help of a mobile Bluetooth speaker.

Of course, before choosing an Android compatible Bluetooth speaker, you will want to take a look at what is on the market. For those concerned about price, the Supertooth Disco 3 is a nifty little model that creatively won’t break the bank. While those that have to have supreme sound quality no matter where they are will like the Bose Soundlink Mini.

Power banks

Imagine you have a pressing deadline to meet for work, but disaster has occurred, and your laptop breaks? Well, emergency averted as long as you have your smartphone! The reason being that you can do the research, send that email, or even complete the document you are working on before the deadline runs out. Unless you are stuck on a train without any way to charge your phone and with only one line of battery left, that is!

Now, it may seem like all is lost in this situation. However, there is a straightforward way that you can maintain productivity and get that work in before the boss goes crazy. Its to invest in an Android phone compatible powerpack. An item that will allow you to charge your phone on the go and keep using it at the same time.

Fortunately, there are quite a few on the market to choose from, including the Imuto 20k Taurus X4 portable charger which is known for its striking good looks and digital display. While the Anker Powercore + Mini is both small and powerful, making it an excellent choice for productivity junkies on the go.

VR headset

OK, so it’s pretty unlikely that you will need a VR headset for work yet. After all, VR conference calls haven’t quite taken over as the norm. However, what anyone interested in increasing productivity knows is giving your brain a break from time to time is crucial.

Of course, there is no better way than separating yourself from the stresses and strains in the office than to immerse yourself in a VR game.

The good news here is that if you have an Android phone, you will be able to get a compatible headset. Although it is worth bearing in mind that not all systems or phones are created equal. In fact, if you are looking for something a little more basic, then using a Cardboard version is the best bet. The reason being that they are relatively cheap, work with most phone models and can be used with many of the VR apps on the Android store.

However, if you are looking for a more sophisticated option, then the Gear VR or the Google Daydream might be better choices. Although, unless you have one of Samsung’s most recent and high spec phones, the former won’t be much use. While the latter will require a Google Pixel phone running Android to function.

Additionally, once you have decided on a headset, you will want to make sure that you have some games to play on it as well. Happily, finding these is a lot easier than picking your headset. In fact, you can discover the Best VR games for Android with online reviews before you buy them. You can even check out some gameplay videos like ones below to help you make up your mind.

Photo printer

What with so many people prioritizing aesthetics in their jobs and lives these days, an Android compatible photo printer can also be an excellent accessory to consider. In fact, being able to actually print out the best pictures we take with our cameras can have a lot of advantages.

One of these is that by having tangible prints, we can compare images side by side to see which will be the most suitable for our blogs, webzines, or design projects. Something that can help us to make short work of such tasks.

Also, another benefit of investing in a photo printer for our Android phones is that we will have instant access to the images that mean the most to us. An advantage that means we don’t need to waste precious time searching through 1000s of pics on our camera roll. Also, being able to print out our pictures means we won’t have to wait for days until we have the images we need to use for our home decor, either. Something that can also save us a great deal of time and ensure that we remain as productive as possible in all areas of our lives.

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