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7 Apps That Let You Stay Organized

7 Apps That Let You Stay Organized

7 Apps That Let You Stay Organized

Juggling between work, home, and social activities, you may often feel like you are not doing enough. Despite a constant struggle to stay on top of things, you end up failing at one task or the other.

While there may be countless reasons behind this, one of them is technology. Most of us have information scattered across different emails and online tools. Plus, the distractions caused by smartphones is hard to handle. According to a survey, the average person spends over four hours per day on their device. This leads to low productivity and attention span among masses.

However, we cannot simply overrule the fact that phones are simplifying lives too. It all depends on how you utilize them. Some apps can turn your phones into a serious time saver. From scheduling tasks to prioritizing projects and saving all the brilliant ideas, there is a mobile app for everything.

Here are seven popular organization apps that can help you stay on top of your game:


To begin with, you always need a note-taking app to jot down your to-do lists and vital points. Evernote is one such app with incredible potentials. It stores your text files, images, spreadsheets, checklists, receipts, and even audio/video recordings.

It also integrates with apps like Google Calendar, Dropbox, and Google Drive to develop a tiered organization system. You can have all your data in an easy-to-navigate digital workspace and manage tasks efficiently.

Hence, no more sifting through excessive pages to figure out your next chore!


Often termed as an all-in-one app, IFTTT allows you to keep track of multiple things at once. It connects almost 300 apps on a single platform which includes Spotify, Instagram, Facebook, and many others.

You can now receive notifications when people discuss your favorite topics online. Also, you can sync files across cloud platforms and catalog your emails.

As a result of being able to connect with hundreds of apps, there are endless possibilities. IFTTT can also connect with your home appliances and help you take care of things automatically.


It’s pretty straining to remember passwords for every platform you are using. If you’re one of those people who keep losing their passwords, then this app is your savior.

LastPass secures all your usernames and passwords. You can access them using a Touch ID or a master password. This app also auto-fills essential information on portals and helps you generate strong passwords.

It enables a quick search of your stored accounts and memberships within the organized folders. And you can also share them with friends or family for emergency access.

The best aspect of this app is its security algorithm. Developers vouch for the fact that no one can penetrate within. If it fails to do so, there could be severe consequences. We are all aware of how AirG Spam discredited its major applications, and the company had to go through a cumbersome process to get back its lost reputation.


Trello stands out among the rest for its distinct interface. It has received quite a reputation as a tool that teams can use to manage shared projects. But it works well for individuals and families too. The basic idea is to keep record of things that need tracking.

You can assign due dates, archive, set color codes, and reminders on each task. The calendar feature helps you to be sure that you never miss a deadline because it automatically reminds you of upcoming tasks for the next three days.

Trello setup can be as simple or as complex as you want. And besides the free tier, you can also subscribe for paid features like integration with third-party apps.


As cited earlier, one of the main reasons why people lose track of time is excessive internet browsing. You may come across thousands of interesting stories that you can’t let go of. What if we tell you that you don’t have to read them all. Instead, you can save it for later through Pocket.

Pocket is a browser extension that syncs with the app on the phone. Whenever you pocket an article (or video, webpage, picture), it becomes available for offline viewing anytime you want to.

Enjoy a unique reading experience on this app that is customizable according to your reading style. It also offers personalized new content for users to discover. Also, it reads aloud to the users through the text-to-speech feature.


Right now, the market is flooded with app design ideas aimed at helping users to tackle things effectively. Each realizes the importance of comprehensive tools and intuitive interface. Todoist is one such app that helps you prioritize tasks and keep a record of things with its extremely advanced features.

You can add, complete, and reschedule tasks with drag-and-drop features. Also, you can organize lists according to color and prioritize by subtasks or projects.

Todoist allows the user to share their lists with others for better coordination. There is also an option to set reminders and weekly or monthly goals. With automatic backups and charts to show the user’s achievements, Todoist has become a favorite app of many organization freaks.


Wunderlust helps you schedule your to-dos from any device you like. You can now remember deadlines and tasks by setting due dates and reminders. You can check completed tasks off the list by swiping them down from the app.

Like other apps, you can share your lists and even save links for later viewing. Wunderlust enables you to attach files, notes, and comments to each task so you won’t lose track of additional details.


Life keeps getting messier as we juggle around with multiple things at once. These apps come to the rescue when we feel like giving up. The best news is that they are available on all devices.

Be it an Android or Apple device; you can install the app you need from the stores and get going.

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