Tech Presents: What Your Boyfriend Wants But Won’t Ask For

Tech Presents: What Your Boyfriend Wants But Won’t Ask For

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If you’re running out of ideas for what to get your boyfriend, then look no further. If your boyfriend is like mine, then there are loads of things they want, but when you ask, you’re met with radio silence and there are only so many Lynx sets, socks, aftershaves and utility trousers a man needs.

I always rack my brain and wonder why my boyfriend never tells me what he wants for his birthday, Christmas or Valentine’s Day, and I feel like I might understand why. It is no different from what I do. I like to think that my partner listens and knows me well enough to surprise me with gifts that I’ve been hinting at and speaking about, and maybe your boyfriend wants the same; maybe he just wants you to listen to the subtle hints they are dishing out left, right, and centre. Some of these things might not seem like things you would consider cute or a good gift, but if it’s something they want, don’t question it!

A good example of a recent Christmas fail was when my boyfriend seemed to be into bikes and was currently redoing one and he hinted that it needed a new seat and even showed me the exact one he wanted. I thought “I was not getting a bloody bike seat for Christmas!” and didn’t think anything of it and to my demise, he told me on Christmas day he would have loved it as a gift and would have happily gone without the odd thing I thought was better (don’t worry, I asked; he was still grateful).

Alternatively, you might have a boyfriend who thinks he might be asking for too much, as asking for tech items can seem like you’re asking for the world to some people. But if you have the spare cash and want to treat your partner, then listen for the hints or have a look at what needs a good upgrade. If you are struggling with some inspiration, look no further. I will give you a rundown of all the best tech presents of 2024 to consider getting your boyfriend.

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Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore (Ferrari Edition)

A tech present that is perfect for your boyfriend, whether he loves to entertain, listen to loud music in the shower, go camping or if you heard him complaining about his current speaker, the Beosound is a rugged outdoor wireless speaker (*).

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Bang & Olufsen Beosound Explore waterproof outdoor speaker

It comes with water and dust protection so it will last a very long time and if you want to switch things up a little you can get the speaker in Ferrari red!. It has up to 27 hours of battery life, making it perfect for a long holiday or camping trip.

PlayStation Classic

Even I would be made up with this and I’m not much of a gamer girl, but this will transport your boyfriend back to the 90s. It is a miniature version of the PlayStation console (*) and comes pre-loaded with 20 of the classic games. This will be a perfect gift because it’s something you both can appreciate on lazy Sundays.

Person holding a PlayStation Classic Mini

If they are already PlayStation fans, you might have to bite the bullet and aim for the modern PlayStation 5 (*). This would be hands down the best present if they are already obsessed with getting the new consoles.

Victrola Eastwood Bluetooth Record Player

Dust off the LP collection! This Eastwood all-in-one turntable (*) makes listening to records easy and simple, with a built-in speaker, support for all three 33, 45 and 78 RPMs, and a Bluetooth feature.

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Victrola Eastwood Record Player

This is a perfect gift for anyone and its combination of modern and retro listening enhances listening and usability, especially if their music tastes support a record player. You can make this an ongoing thing and keep gift records during other holidays.


Final Thoughts

Buying things like this might be daunting because they aren’t always cheap and we both know our boyfriends know a lot more about this stuff than we do, but if you’ve been hearing subtle hints and just picked up through general conversation, the odd thing in their daily routine needs updating, or they’ve spoken about the release of a new gadget they would like, they’ve basically asked you for it. If not, hopefully, our ideas have sparked some inspiration!

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