Spring 2018: Top 5 Home Office Improvements


Working from home can sometimes seem boring and uneventful, but it’s actually quite exciting and inspiring. Feeling cozy and relaxed while working means you’ll be able to give it all you got and accomplish more than you normally would so in this article Faith McGregor takes a look at 5 wyas you can improve your home office and increase your productivity.

Spring 2018: Top 5 Home Office Improvements
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Working from home can sometimes seem boring and uneventful, but it’s actually quite exciting and inspiring. Feeling cozy and relaxed while working means you’ll be able to give it all you got and accomplish more than you normally would if you worked in a proper office with dozens of other people. However, even a home office could use an improvement or two every once in a while, so here are five ideas you might want to incorporate into your home office this spring.

New storage solutions

Home offices usually used to be spare bedrooms or empty attic spaces, which means they’re often not the most spacious areas. This also means they don’t offer enough storage space, and that’s something you need to work on as soon as possible. Introducing huge cabinets and bookshelves is sometimes not an option, so you have to think outside the box and apply different techniques to utilize the available space – from wall storages to foldaway desks, every inch counts.

New furniture solutions


Office Space With TV On The Wall

Speaking of desks, it’s obvious that you can’t have an office without a proper desk and a chair, and that’s especially true when it comes to home offices. You can work in bed for a day or two, but not all the time, so you simply need a reliable desk and a comfortable chair if you want to perform at the highest level and actually get some work done. Remember: it doesn’t have to be pricey, so insist on quality instead.

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New productivity solutions


Office with wide view

From Passion To Profit

No matter how big your home office is, it has to be full of fresh air at all times. Therefore, keep the windows open because stale air will make you unproductive and sleepy, and that’s a huge problem knowing your bed is just a few steps away. Also, spring is the time for allergies and you need to fight them any way you can. This is why lots of people are trying to get themselves the absolutely best air purifier for allergies that’s going to help them solve their health and productivity issues at the same time.

New lighting solutions

Natural light is the best for your productivity and work, but what if you can’t get enough of it on a daily basis? Living in cold areas with small amounts of natural sunlight means you have to find alternative ways to keep your home office properly illuminated – from powerful overhead lights to more discreet desk lamps that will surely help you do your work even after midnight. Also, remember to use LED light bulbs only as these are a sustainable, eco-friendly and lasting solution that’s going to provide you with a perfect amount of light day after day.

New organizational solutions


Two people working on a laptop
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Laptop With Post It Note On It

Just because there’s nobody else in your home office but you doesn’t mean it can’t get cluttered and disorganized from time to time, so you should look for ideas to keep yourself organized every day of the week. The best way to do so is by installing a whiteboard, a bulletin board or a chalkboard on a wall right in front of your desk – this is where you’ll write down all your tasks and responsibilities, but it’s also a feature that’s going to make you more productive than you’ve ever been. Keeping everything important in front of your eyes means you’ll always be in control of all your duties and deadlines, both professional and personal, which is more than important when you work from home.

Unfortunately, designing and decorating a home office doesn’t come with a set of rules and you can’t rely on other people’s experience when you’re arranging your own working space, so make up your own rules and personalize the space as much as you can. Basically, all you need to do is make sure you’re completely productive and focused when working, and these five ideas are going to help you do exactly that, starting today!

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