Sheds 101: Why Have One?

Sheds 101: Why Have One?


If you need extra space, but your house is already full of your other knick-knacks, a shed is often the best solution for storage purposes, or if you need additional space for a sudden hobby or a workshop for your tinkering. In this article Anne Davis looks at the different uses for shed, types of shed and materials they can be constructed from.

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If you need extra space, but your house is already full of your other knick-knacks, a shed is often the best solution for storage purposes, or if you need additional space for a sudden hobby or a workshop for your tinkering.

A shed can come in different sizes, depending on what you will use it for. Listed below are some notable details about it.

Types of Sheds


Based on the Building Code of Australia, or BCA, a garage is a Class 10a building, which in so many words, is a building that you cannot live or sleep in. It is supposed to be only for storage, or at least a place to park your car or any vehicle that you may own.


Same as garages, carports may be used to shield your vehicles from the rain or hail, but can only provide minimal protection unlike garages, as it often has a maximum of two walls.


A garage can be turned into a garaport by extending the roof to shade the cars. That should leave space inside the garage for other supplies, and still go some more for your vehicles.

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Sizes and Prices for Building Sheds

The standard sizes average at 10 x 12 feet or a total of 120 square feet. There are ways to have it customised based on your preferences. And you can do this on your own, or get a professional to get it done.

Here are FAQs and details that you can refer to if you are thinking to have one in your home

Will you need a permit? Research if you would need permission to have your shed based on existing build codes. Make sure to have this early on, because your local government might ask you to stop or have the shed removed.

If you already have a place in mind, make sure to remove weeds, stones before placing any foundation. Also, make sure to have a plan before starting anything.

From Passion To Profit

Do you have an ideal size and design? Look into how big and how it would look like when it is done. There are other considerations that you need to look into based on what you will need.

When you plan to build a shed near your home, you need to have an idea of how it should look like after it is done. You should already have an idea of the things you would like to store inside the shed, so you know how big it should be; this provides you with an idea if the law allows you to make the shed or how big you are allowed to make it.

What is your price range? When you know what you want, you can then set a price that you are willing to shell out if you are going to have a shed made. If you are working on a budget; that may restrict your options a bit.


If you opt to have a metal shed, you are getting a more durable type that could resist rotting or decaying. For this, you should be ready to pay a maximum of $2,000.

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When you go for vinyl sheds, you are opting to have one that could withstand ordinary acts of god and may range from a minimum of $800 to a maximum of $5,000.

Wood sheds are quaint and look natural, and are easier to customise and may cost you a minimum of $600.

Sheds are a great way to have extra space, especially if you have an additional venture in mind. However, you have to consider if you have space, money, and the time to have it done. So make sure to start with a plan, and see where it leads.

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