Tips For Keeping Your House Clean

Tips For Keeping Your House Clean


Although many people swear that it is the hardest thing to do within a household, keeping your house clean should be easy and manageable. It is all about adopting some good habits and establishing a hygienic routine. Here are a few tips on how to ensure that your house is always clean

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Although many people swear that it is the hardest thing to do within a household, keeping your house clean should be easy and manageable. It is all about adopting some good habits and establishing a hygienic routine. Here are a few tips on how to ensure that your house is always clean:

1. Have cleaning priorities right

Know what and where to clean first depending on your available time. Outlining your cleaning goals will help you remain focused. If, for example, you spend most of your time in the bedroom, prioritize that room over the rest. If possible, create a cleaning schedule. Your schedule should include what needs to be done and when it should be done. Have daily, weekly, and/or monthly routines and stick to them.

2. Get everybody on board and delegate tasks.

Involve the whole family. If you have kids, teach them to handle selected age-appropriate tasks. Let them put their stuff in place while in the house, clean their rooms, and put the dishes in the dishwater. This will prove very consequential in the long run, especially because the kids will learn the art of being responsible from an early age.

3. Have a cleaning system in place

Have basic cleaning supplies in the home at all times and ensure that they are all in their place of use. You should, for example, stock your toilets and bathrooms with cleaning materials like toilet scrub brush, mop, spray bottles, detergents etc.

4. Be spontaneous whenever applicable

Wipe up messes as they happen. Someone accidentally spilled milk on the carpet? Clean that ASAP! Minimize clutter every time. If something is misplaced, get it back to the right place as you move around. Put your shoes on the shoe rack immediately you remove them. Wash your inner-wear as soon as you get home from work. Hang your clothes as soon as you wash them. Make a habit of scanning the place even as you move in or out in order to spot anything that needs quick fixing. Having a neat house is more of developing the right habit than having ample time.

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5. Identify your pain areas

Give special attention to your high-traffic areas, most notably the bathroom, living area, and the dining areas. Make sure the dustbin is always empty. Have small rugs at the entrance to trap the incoming dirt. Vacuum the dust-prone areas as often as possible. Make a habit of cleaning the dining table and kitchen counters before going to sleep.

6. Dispose your clutter on your earliest convenience

Keeping what you don’t need is a recipe for untidiness. Dispose of your broken utensils and electronics earliest possible. Donate your unwanted clothes and auction your old furniture. Get smart with your storage too, there are so many cost effective ways to store items that would otherwise be cluttering up your home. Fitted wardrobes and closets aren’t just for large homes. They are a perfect way to utilize small spaces in bedrooms by providing a bespoke storage solution. Piling unwanted stuff in the basement or the attic will only turn your home into a pest-breeding zone.

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7. Clean one section at a time

Tackle one area at a time. Splitting your task makes cleaning easier and convenient. If you are planning to clean the bathroom, for example, make sure to do any needed bathroom remodeling such as get a new sink and shower tub, remove the old floor and substitute it with something more hygienic.

The kitchen, on the other hand, can get messy if ignored. Empty the sink (keeps away household pests), organize your refrigerator, sweep and mop the floor and use steel cleaner for appliances. Wipe your counters thoroughly. Clean up as you cook. Kitchen remodeling might be necessary if you are struggling to arrange your kitchen supplies and cooking appliances. Ensure that the countertops and the shelves are thoroughly tidied up before moving on to the next section.

When cleaning the living room, wipe the electronics, dust the coffee and end tables, vacuum the floor and coaches.

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8. Maximize your storage.

A congested house is an untidy house. Have pockets to store jewelry, brushes, lipsticks etc. When everything is laid out, you are able to access them easily, which means lesser cases of misplaced items.

9. Always make your bed

This is never a waste of time. It should be your first task immediately when you wake up. To simplify the task, have as minimal bedding as possible and minimize your pillows. That actually reduces your laundry.


Tidying up your home is the most satisfying and fulfilling task you will ever undertake. The good news is that as complicated and time-consuming as cleaning sounds, it isn’t an impossible task. Work on your schedule and create time for a thorough cleaning every now and then. Remember that a clean home is a happy home.

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  1. Fantastic tips for maintaining a pristine home! ✨ Regular decluttering is like a breath of fresh air, creating a serene atmosphere. And couldn't agree more with the 'clean as you go' approach – it's a lifesaver, especially in the kitchen. ️

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