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How To Prepare For Having Overnight House Guests

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How To Prepare For Having Overnight House Guests Staff
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Having overnight guests at your home is fun and exciting, but it can also be a lot of work to prepare. Instead of stressing out, use the following tips to help you know what you should be doing to get ready for their arrival.

Be sure to consult about dates ahead of time, so you’re on the same page and know when to expect your house guests. Have a conversation and get a better idea of how they may want to spend their time and if they have any special requests or needs. Your goal should be to have your home feel as comfortable and welcoming as possible so everyone has a good time.

Start Cleaning Early

It’s never too early to start cleaning when you’re expecting overnight guests in your home. Avoid leaving this task to the last minute so you can ensure you get it all done and don’t feel stressed out before they arrive. Make sure you have all the cleaning tools and equipment you need ready to go and that it works. For instance, you’ll want to confirm your vacuum cleaner is in good shape to use before and during the stay. Be glad to know you can get electrolux vaccum cleaner spare parts online if need be. Now is a wise time to declutter and perform a deep clean so that you don’t leave any dirt or grime for your guests to see.

Plan out Your Meals

Another significant responsibility you have as the host of overnight guests is to figure out what you’re all going to eat. It’ll be helpful if you take the time to plan out your meals ahead of time. Think through what days you want to cook and what you’ll make and if you’ll go out or order out food during their stay. Consider reaching out to your guests in advance and asking if they have any special dietary restrictions so you can plan accordingly. If you plan to cook, you might want to make the meals before they come and freeze them, so you’re not in the kitchen the entire time they’re at your home.

Stock the Fridge & Pantry

You can also prepare for having overnight house guests by stocking your home with a lot of goodies. Make sure your fridge and pantry are full of the necessities and some treats too. You want to make sure that your guests have enough to eat and drink, including meals and snacks. Make a list and go to the store before they come so you’re ready for their stay. Remember to have food and drinks for both the adults and the kids.

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Get the Guest Bedroom in Order

Your guests are going to want someplace quiet and comfortable to sleep in your home. Therefore, offer them a private guest bedroom if you have space. Get it in order by making sure the bed has fresh linens and that there are plenty of blankets in case they get cold. Ensure there’s storage available for them to place their clothes or belongings and keep their luggage. Remove or store your personal stuff someplace else so they feel at home and like they have their own space.

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Organise the Guest Bathroom

One of the most important rooms in the home you should get in order for your guests is the bathroom they’ll be using. Make sure it has clean and fresh towels and that you scrub the room, so it’s shiny and clean. Also, test the drains and remove any clogs before they arrive. Consider setting out a basket with necessities they may require or that they might forget to bring, such as soap, shampoo, and an extra toothbrush. After they get settled, ask them if there’s anything they need or forgot so you can see if you have it or can run to the store.

Have Activities in Mind

Your guests are coming to your home to spend time with you. Therefore, it’s wise to have a loose schedule mapped out of what you’ll do with them. Think about what you’ll do if the weather is nice and have a backup plan in mind if it rains. While activities can be fun, make sure you also allow for some downtime for people to rest and relax. You might want to ask your guests before they arrive if there’s anything in particular they want to do in your location so you can add it to your list. Besides going out and spending money on activities, there’s also plenty to do around your home, such as having a cookout or playing games.

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Make Room for Your Guests

Prepare for having overnight house guests by creating space for them in your home. Clear out your belongings in various rooms, so they feel comfortable hanging out in them. Make as much room as possible for your visitors, so they feel at home and not as if they’re invading your space or are a bother. They may want areas in your home where they can go for some quiet time, so make sure you can accommodate these requests.

Be Ready to Give A Tour

When your guests arrive, you can make them feel at ease by giving them a home tour. Show them each room and space and let them know where they’re free to roam. Consider putting out a coffee bar so they can help themselves if they wake up early in the morning. Giving a tour is another reason you want to make sure you clean and declutter each room, so you’re not embarrassed for them to be in different areas of your home.

Offer A Warm Welcome

What’s most vital is that as the host, you offer a warm welcome for your overnight house guests. Be ready and available when they arrive so you can greet them at the door and help them carry their luggage. Put a big smile on your face and show them that you’re happy that they’re at your home. Be prepared by having an idea of what you’ll do as soon as they get there so you can break the ice quickly and start having fun.

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