The Best Washing Machines In The Market Today

The Best Washing Machines In The Market Today


Of all the appliances in the home, a washing machine could probably be the most important when it comes to hygiene and house chores; because of the utility, it offers. But what should you look for in a washing machine? In this article Anne davis takes a look at the various types of machines and some of their features.

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Of all the appliances in the home, a washing machine could probably be the most important when it comes to hygiene and house chores; because of the utility, it offers. According to an article by Ever Widening Circles, the washing machine was significant because it gave people an unprecedented amount of time and freedom.

If you happen to be in the market today, searching to buy a washing machine, then you have come to the right place. Here are some examples of the best washing machines that are available in the market today.

Types of Washing Machines

Washing machines come in different shapes and sizes, but the most common fall into two categories, which include the following:

Top Loader Washing Machines

Top loader washing machines are the traditional choice among many households because it is the most popular. This type of washing machine is considered to have a large capacity compared to other kinds of machines and a faster cycle time, which means doing laundry can be finished in approximately 30 minutes.

LG 7.5kg Top Load Washing Machine

One of the best features of this top load washing machine is the LG Smart Inverter Control system. This enables the washing machine to accurately control the direction and speed of the wash to ensure a high-quality laundry experience.

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This washing machine comes with a Turbo Drum mechanism, which rotates the drum component (that contains the clothing) in the opposite direction of water for a better washing experience. Both of these main features help in stabilising the wash cycle producing low vibrations.

Lemair LWTT80 Twin Tub

If you are a fan of multitasking, even during laundry time, then this washing machine could be a perfect fit for you. The Lemair Twin Tub allows you to do a washing cycle on one tub while you can do a spinning cycle on the other.

The Lemair Twin Tub is one of the washing machines that offer a considerable loading capacity that can reach up to 8kg. This machine is perfect for big families that need to wash clothes that are worth a week in one washing cycle.

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Front Load Washing Machines

Perhaps one of the best features overall of front load washing machines is that they are more environmentally-friendly. This is because front loaders use less energy and water for every washing cycle. Front loaders don’t have problems with detergent residue as well because this machine, in particular, uses less detergent.

Beko BFL103ADW

Commercial front loaders are not known to have large capacities. However, the Beko Front Loader is an exception as this washing machine boasts an impressive 10kg washer. It also has speeds of up to 1400 RPM, ensuring moist-free clothing when the washing and spin cycle is all finished.

This washing machine is also equipped with Autodose technology, and this means you no longer have to guess how much detergent and fabric softener to use. By filling the detergent and softener tanks, the machine automatically determines how much laundry chemicals to use depending on the detected weight of the clothing.


If you possess the money to spend on high-quality washing machines, then buying the LG WDC1215HSVE is a sound investment. This washer comes with a 15kg capacity and 8kg dryer capacity, which means it can wash loads of clothes in just one sitting.

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This washer also features the 6-Motion Wash Technology that aims to emulate hand washing motions for a better washing experience. It is also equipped with Truesteam technology that helps in cleaning clothing particles through high temperatures.

Buying a front loader or top loader washing machine depends entirely on your preference. If you are going to use a washing machine for family purposes, then it would be best that you buy one with a high capacity.

You should also consider your budget when buying appliances, but this doesn’t mean that you should purchase cheap ones right off the bat. It would be best that you opt for reasonably priced washers to make sure that you get high-quality machines.

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