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Negotiations 101: Five Effective Steps To Resolve Professional Conflicts Easily!

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Negotiations 101: Five Effective Steps To Resolve Professional Conflicts Easily! Staff
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Let’s take a step back.

So you’re working in a team. The client has asked for a campaign for his product, and you have two options. Your boss likes Campaign A because it reminds him of the good old times, but you prefer Campaign B because it is a sneak peek into the foreseeable mysterious future.

In your mind, your point is valid too. No one else is making science-fiction ads. But this means getting into a conflict with your boss. Which spells trouble. What are you going to do? Keeping in mind that this job is dear to you, there has got to be some way out. If you are wondering – How do people negotiate? Or, Man, dealing with conflict is so tough!

Well! Is it? Five steps and you may find out that it is not. Go on, keep reading!

Step One: Root Of The Conflict

Every argument has a source. What is the crux of the conflict? Try to find out what exactly led to the conflict in the first place. It will be easier to get to a resolution once both parties are aware of each other’s perspectives. Sometimes, the issue at hand can tell you more about the outlook of the person. This will help you understand him/her better to resolve the conflict.

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Step Two: Active Listening

Imagine you’re making a point relying on your personal or professional experience and the other person keeps interrupting you or doesn’t seem interested at all? That’s definitely annoying. To resolve a conflict, especially during negotiations, make sure that you are actively listening and involved in the conversation with the other person.

So let everyone involved speak their mind and have their say. Encourage even the other person to put their opinion forward and then do the same.

Step Three: Find A Way To Get On To The Same Page

Even though two people may have started with different objectives, to resolve a conflict, it’s necessary to come to a common understanding. Resolving the matter at hand requires all people involved to sit down and discuss the ways through which everyone can reach an understanding.

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Being on the same page means everyone must investigate, brainstorm, and consider different ways to reach a friendly settlement.

Step Four: Divide The Responsibilities As Per The Conclusion

Do you find yourself in conflict about who will present to the client this time? Well if you and the team have decided that it’s going to be you this time, then you have to ensure that everyone enjoys some responsibility until they can present the next time.

Suppose you and your boss agreed on that you will not get a hike this time, set terms for a hike – better results, better sales, or better performance. Even if you haven’t reached your ideal conclusion, make sure that the conclusion is a step in the direction that is best for you.

Step Five: Evaluation Of Conflict And Taking Effective Measures

There’s always a chance of an issue resurfacing after it has been resolved. You could avoid conflict resolution in negotiations by pre-empting any signs of future conflicts. Human nature can be very fickle. Sometimes, even when we have concluded, it may not entirely be true.

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People’s behavior can be a huge giveaway to whether everyone is content without any apprehensions. Look out for these signs and make sure that you design efficient strategies before they become an issue.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and point of view. This makes professional relationships tricky. It is necessary to approach conflict resolutions in negotiations mindfully. Instead of reacting impulsively, devise a plan to deal with conflicts. Especially, if you are in a negotiation with someone senior to you. You don’t want to piss them off!

But at the same time, you also want to stay true to your perspective. Hopefully, these steps may have helped you reach the conclusion you have wanted to. Try this during the next negotiation that you are a part of, but hey, don’t go looking for one!

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