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Negative Sayings At Work

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Negative Sayings At Work

Alexander Kjerulf over at “The Chief Happiness Officer” has an interesting post on negative sayings at work.

A couple of my favourites are:

“What’s wrong with people today?!”
If every single person you interact with seems incredibly annoying… the problem may be you.

Say this instead: “Hmmm… I seem to be easily annoyed today.” [Personal note – this one really applies to me today!]

three men in ski-masks show up every morning and force you to go to work at gunpoint

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“I’m stuck in a dead-end job.”
Riiight. You’re stuck. There’s no way out. Because three men in ski-masks show up every morning and force you to go to work at gunpoint.

Say this instead: “I am where I’ve chosen to be! And if I want, I can choose to be somewhere else.”

So, head on over, read the full entry (and check out my comment on other phrases!) and make sure you use one of these everyday for a week – I bet you feel a whole lot better!

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