Microsoft Teams Calling: What You Need To Know

Microsoft Teams Calling: What You Need To Know


Since its arrival, Microsoft Teams Calling has been an excellent addition to Office 365’s arsenal of features. This piece will show not only what Teams Calling is, but how it works, and why it is a perfect system for any business looking for improvement.

Businessman using Microsoft Teams to talk to co-workers
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Since its arrival, Microsoft Teams Calling has been an excellent addition to Office 365’s arsenal of features. This piece will show not only what Teams Calling is, but how it works, and why it is a perfect system for any business looking for improvement.

Introducing Teams Calling

Microsoft 365 offers a variety of incredible features for both personal and business use. Among these great Microsoft Office features is Microsoft Teams Calling. This feature provides optimal communication, allowing swift and secure calls that are both reliable and effective. Microsoft Teams Calling is the perfect addition to any business that requires high quality calling with superb connection and a system that can be centrally managed with ease. There are several aspects to Microsoft Teams Calling, and along with this, a vast number of benefits that can improve any business.

What Can I Do With Teams Calling?

There is so much that can be done with the Microsoft 365 Calling feature.

Firstly, Teams Calling allows you to answer and make high-quality calls between your wide range of contacts on Microsoft Teams. These calls can be a simple voice-only call or a video/screen sharing call. You can also have group calls of up to 250 people, so more call recipients are always an option.

Microsoft Teams Calling also provides easy management over every aspect of calling with a range of features. You have the option for holding and transferring calls at will, and you can also use a reverse number lookup. Manage your availability with a ‘do not disturb’ feature, and change your details to let others know times when you are available/active. Teams Calling also has a voicemail feature where you can assign a unique voicemail message, whilst also having the option to automatically forward missed or unanswered calls to a delegate. Everything is in your control.

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Teams Calling also allows you to simply organise your own, and others, contact details. For instance, you can add new phone numbers to your contact list, or assign a number to an existing user contact on your Microsoft Teams. You can also import existing numbers to Microsoft Teams Calling. All your contacts can be found, searched for, and edited/updated easily in one place.

What Are The Benefits To My Business?

With all the above features that Microsoft Teams Calling brings, it is no question that it offers various benefits that will significantly improve your business.

Firstly, having reliable and high-quality communication is pivotal in any business. You will undoubtedly need constant communication with a wide range of clients for any number of reasons, and Teams Calling can ensure that you are always able to have rich calling sessions without any issues of connectivity or call quality. This will enable strong, professional business relationships with several clients, which will, in turn, boost your business reputation and revenue. This will also allow fantastic team meetings amongst members of your business, which will not only help improve employee standards but also boost team communication and solidarity.

Teams Calling also has several features that ensure no call is unintentionally missed or undocumented. You have a voicemail and delegation option, which will mean that any client contacting you will either be forwarded to a delegate or seen immediately after leaving a voicemail. This means clients and customers will not feel discarded or unimportant, and you can instantly get back to any important calls you may need to have.

Every call and meeting is also logged on Microsoft Teams, so you will always be able to find a detailed call history of all your employees or calls from clients, and this keeps you organised and in control of what’s happening in your business.

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Microsoft 365 Calling is also one of the most secure forms of communication since the cloud calling system is backed by firewalls and layers of cyber security. This not only guarantees secure, private calls, but also ensures that caller details and contact information is well protected and preserved.

These are only some of the many benefits that Microsoft Teams Calling brings to your business, hence why it is a superior form of business communication.

Who Needs A Landline Anymore?

In a world that is constantly evolving in technological advancements, the Microsoft Teams Cloud Calling system is a better alternative to landlines. Whilst landlines can be practical, their simplicity lacks the great features that Teams brings. Landlines don’t quite offer the security and quality of Teams Calling, let alone the level of control and management that gives you access to your call history, contact details and various call settings. Thus, landlines are of no use when Microsoft Teams Calling can offer the optimal communication system that can elevate your business.

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