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Making Your Business Look The Part

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Part of being professional is about looking the part. You can have the best business in the world, but if you don’t look like you’ve taken the correct steps, you risk making the wrong first impression. This comes off looking like someone who is in over their head.

Looking the part is not just about having a fancy logo and wearing a shirt and tie when you’re in the office, though. It’s about everything that encapsulates your business, from the office layout to employee uniforms to having a website that’s well maintained. These factors are what clients, customers, and investors will see whenever they make contact, so you must have everything ready.

Office Layout

For meetings with clients and investors, your office will be the first thing they see when they arrive, so you need to make it look as professional as possible while also ensuring a welcoming environment.

Having a dedicated welcome area is essential, as it gives them a place to wait before you see them. You should invest in a sign that shows your logo and have a receptionist ready to greet them when they arrive along with a place to sit, whether a set of chairs or a comfortable sofa.

Inside the office, tidiness and order are essential. You don’t want wires laying around which could be a trip hazard, and you don’t want the workstations positioned haphazardly around the area. There should be an obvious place to roam that’s not too tight to save people catching their legs or bags on the side of tables.

If possible, find an office space with appropriate facilities such as toilets and a break area with a kitchen for refreshments. This prevents problems with getting refreshments and also saves anyone having an accident during the day.


We bet you thought you’d never need to worry about uniforms after leaving school, didn’t you? Depending on the nature of your business, uniforms make everyone look the part with minimal effort. You don’t need to worry about people looking too scruffy, and it puts everyone on the same level.

For extra professionalism, you can look into branded workwear and name badges for your company. Selecting a uniform shows a dedication to looking the part and prevents employees from trying to match clothes from different shops and of varying quality.


In the modern world, it’s essential to have a website to display what you do and how you do it to people who are researching your company. Whether you create the website yourself or outsource the job to a dedicated IT firm, it should have a clear landing page that’s easy to navigate, along with working links so they can get more information.

Linking to other platforms is also useful, and you can include Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook widgets. However, if you only update these pages once a year, it might not be worth it.

Having an About Us section is also beneficial, as it gives the visitor a concise rundown of the history of your company and what it does.

Looking The Part

It’s the little things that make up a business that looks like it knows what it’s doing. By ensuring that all these factors add up, you can guarantee you won’t have anyone looking down on you like you’re an amateur.

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