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Kids Are Hard To Motivate: Getting Your Teenager Into Being More Proactive

Kids Are Hard To Motivate: Getting Your Teenager Into Being More Proactive

Kids Are Hard To Motivate: Getting Your Teenager Into Being More Proactive Staff
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Motivating somebody that isn’t quite in the mood to do anything is quite the task. When somebody is stubborn and completely set in their ways, it can be a real heartbreaker. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most awesome parent in the world or a mommy influencer, if your teen doesn’t want to do it, chances are they won’t! You know that they have all of the potential in the world, but they don’t see it themselves, and they just don’t care enough. It happens all of the time for one reason or another, and it’s very frustrating.

This is especially abundant among teenagers. Sure, there are many out there that have all of the energy in the world, but it’s alarming how many just want to sit around and waste their days away. With the rise of digital products, the laziness is increasing too. The collective social anxiety levels are rising, too – whether that’s to do with social media or not is to be debated, but the mental health aspect is there for all to see.

So if you’re a parent, a sibling, or just someone who really cares, how do you get a teen out of such a slump? They are about to hit a more mature stage, after all, so they should be prepared for what’s coming – otherwise, they might struggle with the next few years of their busy lives. Well, we can do a few things that can stimulate their brains and really screw their heads on a little tighter. The good thing is that a lot of them don’t require deep thought or anything specific. Here are five for you to ponder right now:

Work With Them

A good way to start is by simply working alongside them. Teaching them practically by showing them what to do is probably the best way to handle things. You can tell them all about what they should and shouldn’t be doing, but if they’re stubborn, then it’ll just go in one ear and out the other. They’re going to need to handle themselves and find a job one day; if they don’t have that practical experience in doing basic mature tasks, then they might struggle to function in society. That sounds like quite a drastic statement, but it’s a true one.

Allow Them To Be Free

A lot of parents like to shelter their kids. This might seem like great parenting, but when they’re older, they need to be set free. They need to fail so that they can progress. They need to be away from their guardians so that they can operate on their own terms and in their own ways. If you’re a parent; don’t shackle.

Be Open And Honest

One thing that is very difficult for people in this position is talking about what they’re thinking and feeling. It’s easy to bottle things up. This kind of behavior can be terrible in terms of progress because they’ll be forever nervous and constantly holding back in more aspects. Allow them to talk to you about anything that might be running through their minds – it’ll be hugely beneficial for their confidence and self-esteem.

Be More Positive Around Them

Even if you’re quite the pessimist yourself; just be bouncy, positive, and optimistic around them. When someone is constantly surrounded by negativity, they’ll probably be negative and miserable themselves – and that kind of feeling isn’t going to want to make someone do anything.

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