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Keep Your Pocket, Tush, And The Environment Safe With A Bidet

Toilet and bidet in bathroom

Keep Your Pocket, Tush, And The Environment Safe With A Bidet

If feeling clean and fresh is a must, your toilet should have the full range of arsenal for getting the job done. Unfortunately, having tons of toilet paper rolls within your reach is not enough. To make sure that there is no trace of an icky feeling after doing business in the toilet, consider having a TOTO bidet that you can use each time.

The presence of a bidet can change your life in many ways. While in Australia, many people are yet to discover the many wonders that this fixture can bring, many others elsewhere on the planet have long realised the joy it offers.

Bidets these days come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Due to this, there is one for every toilet. Some of them are ideal for installation in small toilets. Without taking up much precious space, they can help improve your hygiene big time. Many of them also look fantastic, which makes them not only highly functional but also nice-looking toilet fixtures.


Installing a bidet is not only for the moneyed but also for those who wish to save money. Although the fixture itself and its installation will require you to shell out some cash, in no time, you will start feeling the pocket-friendly perks that the bidet can offer.

For instance, it can keep you from constantly buying toilet paper as well as those trendy flushable wipes as water can do the job so much better.

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Refrain from assuming that the money-saving advantage of having a bidet in your toilet starts and ends with not having to purchase toilet paper rolls and flushable wipes. Because you don’t have to regularly head to the grocery store to get your hands on those items, you can keep gassing up the car or paying for bus or train fare to a minimum. Sooner or later, you will realise that a bidet is a more cost-efficient option.

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Easy on the Behind

Toilet paper and hemorrhoids do not mix. Although flushable wipes may be gentler, it is possible for the chemicals in them to irritate an already irritated behind. It is when the benefit of having a bidet around comes in.

For someone who has a medical issue concerning the tush, such as hemorrhoids or anal fissures, a bidet is heaven-sent. The same is true for a pregnant woman or who just gave birth vaginally. Straight water is gentler than any toilet paper or flushable wipe. The force of the water is adjustable, too, which allows for a personalised experience.

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A bidet is friendly not just to the sensitive areas down there but also to the environment. Did you know that about 270,000 trees are cut daily to supply humankind with toilet paper? Did you know that flushable wipes are not as biodegradable as they sound?

If you want to do your share in keeping the environment happy, consider reducing your toilet paper and flushable wipe use. Such is less tricky to do if there is a TOTO bidet in your toilet.


Finding the right bidet for your toilet is trouble-free as there are many designs to choose from. There are also various sizes available, and some have added features that make them perfect for people with special toilet requirements, such as the elderly or those with certain medical conditions or physical disabilities.

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