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The Perfect Leather Sofa Buying Guide

Dark brown leather sofa in grey room

The Perfect Leather Sofa Buying Guide

Leather sofas are a significant investment. Leather sofas are very traditional, masculine, as well as wonderfully sophisticated and stylish in every home. Mostly, a leather sofa tends to appear sleeker than most cloth sofas. If you also find that a leather sofa can have a place in your home for years to come, investing is as important as choosing one wisely.

If you are a fan of a classic atmosphere, it is most likely that leather furniture suits your home. There are varieties of styles, but every leather style can look timeless without too much motif. When it comes to buying a leather sofa that can last for a long time, there is more to worry about than aesthetics. The first thing to make sure is your purchasing a legit one.

How to Spot the Perfect Leather for You?

It is quite simple to figure out whether the leather is real or not. When leather is legit, it will proudly say so. If you see “100% real leather”, “top grain leather,” “bonded leather,” or “genuine leather” as tags, it is most likely that you are in the right direction. But the real challenge is figuring out what you will love for an extended time. The first thing to be sure about yourself is, do you like modern or classic, high or low back, fixed or loose cushions? If you are already sure of what you like, it is also essential to consider its durability, maintenance/care requirements, appearance, ergonomic structure/comfort, and cost.

3 Things you should consider in finding the perfect leather sofa

Buying a leather sofa for the first time can go really good or bad. So, to save you from the hassle of purchasing a bad one, here are some tips to help you select the perfect leather sofa for you.

Choose the right colour

Opting for neutral tones are a fantastic and timeless choice. Black, white, brown, and beige never goes out of style and perfectly balances the rest of your home décor. However, if you choose a top-quality leather sofa, most of the top-grain leathers use aniline. It is a process where the dye goes through the hide. This way of dyeing holds up better over the years, and even with wear and tear, it looks elegant.

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Pick a shape that suits where you want to put your leather sofa

When picking for where to put your sofa, make sure it never blocks any architectural features such as windows, fireplaces, or built-in shelves. When choosing for shape but have limited space, it is best to either head for a straight modern shape or a low round soft shape. But if you have a home with an open floor plan, consider looking for a sectional sofa. A sectional leather sofa can help you give shape and separate spaces of the living room and dining room.

Levels of protection

You can feel the levels of protection of a leather sofa. The lightest protection has a soft, natural, and raw look. The downside is it needs more maintenance since it absorbs oils. A medium protected sofa is covered with a coating to wipe out spills, stains, and water easily. Heavy protection is easily noticeable. It has a durable coating and has a more robust look.

Investing for a leather sofa is a wise decision; it can outlive any fabric and home furniture. If you are eyeing to have yours as well, go for the one that fits well with your lifestyle. Pick a colour that you won’t get tired of seeing, and choose for the right level of protection.

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