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How To Turn Your Garage Into A Creative Oasis

How To Turn Your Garage Into A Creative Oasis

How To Turn Your Garage Into A Creative Oasis

When your home no longer offers you the space you need, you have two options: buy a new one, or find innovative ways to utilize the space you already have. While the first option may sound nice, the second one is a lot quicker and more affordable.

Are you a health nut who dreams of having their own personal gym? Do you fantasize about creating your own music studio or have a space where you can let your mind wander?

Depending on what kind of space you’d like to transform your garage into, we’ve got just the right tips to get you started. Today is the perfect day to start planning. With only a few adjustments and additions, you will have your own creative oasis in no time.

First, Clear the Clutter

When the word garage comes up, people rarely think of a cool and unique personal space that sets the mind at ease. Instead, we conjure images of lawn mowers, rakes, handy tools, soccer vans and kids sports supplies, and all kinds of things that haven’t been used in years. So, before diving into any renovations the first step is to clear the accumulated clutter.

To ensure a successful “spring” cleaning for your garage, we suggest moving everything out first. Yes, take every single thing out so you can have a blank slate to start with. It’s also easier to throw things out this way. You might just think, “I guess I really don’t need this half-broken mini heater from 1997.” It’s okay to say your goodbyes, we understand.

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Throughout this process, keep in mind the size of your garage and how much space you’ll have to work with after parking your car. If you have a two-car garage and a small crossover, the possibilities for renovation open up. Even if you do own a number of SUVs, there is still a way to utilize your garage as both a cozy sleeping space for your vehicle and a place for you to pursue creative endeavors.

Next, Examine the Foundation

For the makeup gurus out there, we are not talking about the foundation that masks your problem areas and pores. We are talking about the necessary renovations needed to make for a habitable and practical space. Things like insulation, electrical outlets, and a durable floor.

The best time to do these renovations is when the garage is still free of any clutter or cars. For the floors, consider applying a layer of garage floor coating. Depending on what kind of creative space you will be designing, fix up your floor accordingly.

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For example, if you will be utilizing your garage while parking your car in the same space, we suggest an epoxy coat or floor tiles. If you imagine your space more like an extra room instead of a garage, you may want to look into getting roll-out mats, or you may choose to paint the floors and lay down your favorite rug.

Check to see whether the electrical systems are up to date and working. This would be the time to add any outlets you might need to supply you with light and power once the renovations are complete. Feel free to add any stylish light fixtures during this time as well. Electric garage heaters work really well if you are thinking of heating your garage.

Good lighting is what pulls the whole room together. If your budget allows for it, install a garage door with a seamless insulation to get you through cold winters without sky-high bills.

Finally, Add Your Creative Touches

Now that the main renovations are complete, begin imagining your space as you’ll be using it. If this creative haven will be for a hobby, imagine the supplies you’ll need, and the furniture. If you’re a musician you may have drums, keyboards, and guitars to set up. If you are an artist, figure out what kinds of shelving you’ll need to house your paints and brushes.

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When it comes to furniture, the key is to make this space as comfortable and zen as possible. If your space is really limited, try investing in some practical and unique multipurpose furniture. Things like futons, shelf floor lamps, multifunctional console tables, and storage step ladders. This type of small-space furniture not only looks unique and modern but is often more affordable than boutique furniture and will last longer in a garage. Win, win!

Try to fill it with decor that inspires you and gets your creative process started. These can be things like mood lights, wall decor, scented candles, anything that makes your soul happy. One great way to completely transform a room is to incorporate a nice patterned graphic rug. It can bring a pop of color to your creative space and bring it all together. Not to mention, it can provide added warmth for your feet during the winter.

We hope some of our tips and tricks to transform your garage into a creative oasis sparked some imaginative plans. There are so many reasons why curating a separate space for artistic endeavors helps spur creativity. Why not start today?

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