10 Tips To Wake Your Creativity


We all struggle with getting our creative juices flowing from time-to-time and this can leave us feeling depressed and unproductive. In this Guest Post Kate Simpson takes a look at 10 simple steps you can use to get back to your creative self.

10 Tips To Wake Your Creativity - Guest Post
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You’re forcing yourself to say something really funny in a group? You’re trying to start a conversation with a girl/guy that looks really nice? You’re trying to write a blog post or a presentation for school/work? All these situations have something in common: you’re forcing yourself to get creative.

Unfortunately, creativity is a force you can’t awaken by force. Although it may come in spontaneous flows, you still need to work on it to gradually improve your creative thinking patterns. These 10 steps will get you to the goal you envision:

1.Try something new

You’re having the same meals every day, you’re listening to the same music, and you’re talking to the same people over and over again. Why don’t you do something different? Go out of town and visit a restaurant that serves foreign meals. The sole taste of unusual spices can change your thinking patterns. Try something adventurous, like skydiving or diving. You’ll feel like a brand new person after that.

2. Wake up in the middle of the night to create

Have you noticed that different situations, images, and thoughts cross your mind as soon as you wake up? Your mind is still cloudy, so you might notice some irrational thoughts that come one after another. That’s the perfect time for creating. You may take things further: set an alarm to wake you up in the middle of the night and work on your project. You’ll notice you’re getting some fresh ideas you didn’t have before.

3. Listen to music

Instrumental music can really spark your imagination. Try experimenting with the genres and play different tunes to see what thoughts and emotions they awaken. However, make sure to stay away from lyrics, since they can put certain ideas in your head and prevent you from expressing your own creativity.

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4. Put some constraints on yourself

Some constructive constraints can unleash your potential. Think of something you’re addicted to. Is it the Internet? Try living without it for a couple of days. You’ll notice that you’re looking for different creative outputs to get rid of the energy this addiction consumed, so you can turn that potential into creative work.

5. Work with creative people

Sometimes you get blocked. That can happen even to the most creative minds of all. In such situation, you need to feed on the creativity of others. This doesn’t mean that you’ll copy them; it just means that you’ll get inspired by them. If, for example, you’re supposed to write a creative text but you have no idea how to approach it, you can collaborate with a writer from AssignmentMasters – a great source of creative content on any topic. You’ll get inspired by the work of an expert, so you’ll be ready to continue working on your project with full speed.

6. Get inspired by colors

The theory of color is fun and it works, but you have to remember that it’s not 100% dependable. You’re your own person with unique preferences, so you’ll need to experiment and discover the way different colors influence your mind. Try painting! The painting doesn’t have to make sense; just throw some colors onto the canvas and think about the way they make you feel.

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7. Read

You can certainly find at least half an hour per day for reading. We’re not talking about reading tweets, Facebook updates, and random trivia. That kind of information will only make you dull and unresponsive. Choose a nice book or high-quality articles that will stimulate your mind.

8. Travel abroad

Seeing the places of your dreams on the Internet doesn’t compare to the actual experience. Once you set your foot on a new destination, your world changes. You experience a different culture and you start thinking outside your little box. That’s what creativity is all about.

9. Don’t expect anything

Expectations impose an unbearable pressure. Instead of expecting to amaze everyone with this creative project you’re working on, release yourself from all expectations and create without thinking about the outcome. That will remove the stress from the process, so you’ll set yourself free to give your best.

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10. Set the right mood with ambient noise levels

Loud music distracts you from your work, but so does silence. Ambient noise levels can calm you down and keep you focused. Try an Ambiance App, which has a nice collection of relaxing music. If such tones make you sleepy, you can try Coffitivity – a tool that recreates the ambient sounds of a coffee shop.

Creativity is a process that you have to awaken. Instead of waiting for creative energy to hit you out of nowhere, you better start working on your potential. The 10 tips listed above will help you do that.

About The Author
Kate is a writer for Assignment Masters, a professional writing services company. She seeks creativity and inspiration for her work in unusual destinations. Her main hobbies are photography and french art.
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