5 Gadgets For A Clean Freak Like You


Cleaning: It’s not something we necessarily enjoy but it’s something that we all need to tackle from time-to-time. Whether you’re a compulsive cleaning or someone who does a monthly binge-clean you can make your life easier with some of these great gadgets which will give you back precious time for the more fun things in life.

5 Gadgets For A Clean Freak Like You
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Most of us have an OCD we aren’t proud of. Despite our constant efforts to get over these habits, we fail because they are a part of who we are. Some of the common obsessions we have include over-cleaning everything around the house. Some of us want the house to be sparkling clean, the bathroom to be twinkling and the car to smell fresh.

While we may not be able to constantly clean everything around us, there are gadgets that can help us with our crazy cleaning habits. From maintaining a lifestyle to working eight hours a day, we all need a little extra help with cleaning. Here’s a list of unapologetically OCD friendly gadgets that will help you clean everything and anything you want:

1. Portable Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaning our objects is a much simpler solution to manually scrubbing them with polish. Steam cleaners not only dissolve the dust and debris particles, also remove any hair from different kinds of surfaces. If you have a pet who roams around in the house and leaves hair behind, portable steam cleaners are the best solution to getting rid of their hair.

The best thing about steam cleaners is that they can be used for cleaning multiple items. From your floors to curtains, from your car mats to dashboards, to table tops. View steamclean.reviews and you’ll be convinced that you definitely need one!

2. Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Where your steam cleaner doesn’t work, here’s another smart technology that does the work for you. A vacuum cleaner sucks the debris, hair and tiny dust particles from corners of your floors and maintains a highly clean environment in the entire house. A vacuum cleaner can be used on carpets, fur rugs and even some of your table mats.

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3. Automatic Washing Machine

Every clean freak wants an automated system for washing their clothes. Smart automatic machines are now available for you! Smart machines can be connected to your mobile devices to give direct instructions about how to wash, when to wash and for how long to wash your clothes. These machines often come with two compartments; one for your undergarments and the other for your regular clothes.

The best thing about your smart automatic machines is that you can leave the house for work meanwhile get laundry done by simply staying connected to the internet. You will get a mobile notification once the laundry is done!

4. Sonic Scrubber

If you’re constantly worried about the edges of your cooking stove or in paranoia over the counter in the kitchen, the sonic scrubber is what you need. In order to remove even the slightest particles stuck to flat surfaces, these sonic scrubbers work miracles. They remove bubble gum stuck for days from the counter, they remove oil drops from your cooking stove and everything else!

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This is a must have for someone who is constantly paranoid about cleaning the cooking place in their homes. Furthermore, the sonic scrubbers work amazingly for over years and continue serving your cleaning purposes.

5. Cleaning Pen

There is something called the cleaning pen that is one of the most satisfying cleaning objects in the world! Remember how dirt particles in your laptop’s keyboard used to bother you? Not anymore! These cleaning pens come with a silicon cleaning spudger which can enter insanely small and narrow areas and clean them in just a few seconds!

This cleaning pen can be used for cleaning keyboards, television remotes and even consoles for your video games. There’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of cleaning up every little piece of dirt and debris you saw before but couldn’t reach!

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