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How To Transition From A Physical Store To Online Retail

Physical retail outlet and online shopping

How To Transition From A Physical Store To Online Retail

If you’re running a physical store, I’m sure you’re aware of the steady growth of e-commerce sales over the past 10 years and e-commerce retail accounted for 16% of sales in the US in Q2 2020 and nearly a third of all UK retail in May 2020.

Of course, the current pandemic and it’s associated lockdowns meant that customers were unable (or unwilling) to visit a physical store so the move to online shopping was inevitable. As a result it’s important for physical retailers to consider moving online (either wholly or in part) in order to keep their businesses operating and provide service to your existing customers as well as reaching new ones.

With this is mind, Finale Inventory have put together a comprehensive guide and infographic on how you can “Transition From a Physical Business to an Online Store“.

The article covers the short and long-term benefits of moving to online retailing, and provides an easy-to-follow five-step guide on how to make the transition with tips on inventory control, shipping and more.

Click the image below to view the full article over on the Finale Inventory website.

The benefits of online shopping

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