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How To Find The Right Student Accommodation Near Macquarie University?

Macquarie University

How To Find The Right Student Accommodation Near Macquarie University? Staff
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Macquarie University offers an array of courses and a lavish lifestyle. If you have enrolled in it, you will now be in the process of finding the right place to stay for the rest of your college years.

Hunting for comfortable student accommodation can be overwhelming and exciting. But it is important to know what you are looking for and how you will find it. There are numerous student accommodations like Iglu within a close radius of Macquarie University. To find the right one, you have to think of the right questions.

What Does The Rent Include?

Cheaper rent may not always be the ultimate indicator of an ideal student accommodation. When you are looking for properties near Macquarie University, research and develop a list of the rentals and services included in the rent, mainly if you are on a tight budget. With the list, compare which property satisfies your needs and financial limits the most.

Many student accommodations like Iglu have most of the utility bills included in the rent. Such reliable places also offer free access to Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, an in-house gym, and many more services to make your stay comfortable.

Who Are Your Potential Roommates?

You will be spending a significant part of your college life in the place you pick to stay. People that you live with play a significant role in shaping your university experience.

If you choose a shared accommodation, then make sure that you and your roommates share similar interests. Even if you belong to the same neighbourhood, you still have to find like-minded people you are comfortable with to avoid disputes.

How Far is it From The University?

College years are the time when Mondays are the most despised day in the calendar. After a fun weekend, you are most likely to sleep in for a longer time and want to cut down on travelling too far and for too long. So the next question you should ask is how far your accommodation is from Macquarie University.

The budget also plays a role when you think about the distance from the university as transportation comes into play. Only when you know how far you need to travel to get to your seminars and lectures can you add your transportation cost to the budget.

What are the Travel Options Nearby?

Check whether the place is well connected to various public transport facilities. For example, you can opt for student accommodations located in Chatswood, a busy transport hub, well connected to Macquarie University and other areas in Sydney.

Look for places with public transport links nearby and the frequency of buses and trains to the transport hubs. This way you can cut down on your cost of travel too.

What Do The Existing Tenants Think About The Place?

One of the arguably best recommendations and reviews that you can get is from the tenants currently residing in the place. When you visit the premises, you can talk to them about their experience living on the property.

Enquire if there are any troubles with the landlord or the neighbours. Ask them how they find the area to be; is it safe to travel out during the nights?

Alternately, you can also check the online reviews on social media from the tenants who currently reside there. It will give you a fair idea of how the place operates.

You will find it easier to pick the right place to spend your college years once you are armed with all the necessary information. Do thorough research and weigh the odds before settling for an accommodation where you will spend the next vital years of your life.

Featured Image: From the Macquarie University website
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