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5 Effective Tips To Help Students In Memorizing Times Tables

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5 Effective Tips To Help Students In Memorizing Times Tables Staff
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After studying the basics of addition and subtraction, introduction to multiplication may seem a bit confusing for the students. Multiplication is an important arithmetic operation that we encounter in our daily lives quite often. Hence it is a good idea to have the times table memorized in mind, which will make the number-crunching much easier.

Mathematics is a subject where the more you practice, the better expertise you gain, as you get exposed to a variety of problems that help your brain to think alternatively and broaden its horizon of understanding.

Math worksheets play an important role in giving the students the much required practice. Worksheets can be designed for students of all age groups depending on their scope of the study. Many websites nowadays offer worksheets that can be easily downloaded and printed for home or class use.

One such website is Cuemath which has many interactive and engaging math practice worksheets for kids. Like 1st grade math worksheets are specifically designed for first-grade students, these are kept visually appealing and have engaging exercises so that the students can have fun along with the learning. Apart from practicing worksheets, below are some of the tips to help the students memorize the time tables.

Concept of Repetitive Addition

If the student is able to get this concept that multiplication is nothing but repetitive addition, then learning time tables wouldn’t be a big deal. A little practice everyday will help them observe and learn the pattern which the multiplication tables follow. Explain to them that 2 x 4 is actually 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 resulting in 8.

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Go With The Easy Numbers First

Starting with easy numbers like 0,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10, 11 will not confuse the students. Also, they will get to observe the patterns which these numbers follow, which will assist them in memorizing the tables of higher numbers too.

Multiplication Games

Anything that is fun, students are likely to pay more attention to it and learn faster. Hence the introduction of multiplication based games will enhance their learning process. Playing with number flashcards or any board games where they are required to figure out the multiples while playing will help them in learning along.

Alternate Tricks

There are several workarounds in mathematics to learn any concept. Some tricks regarding multiplication will help them memorize half of the tables in an easy way.

Start with practicing with tables of 2, 5 and 10 .

For multiplying by four, first, double the number, then double it again.

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Like 7 x 4 = 28, because 7+7+7+7 = 28

Anything multiplied by 10 will just have a zero added to it. Like 9 x 10 = 90 .

Also,any number multiplied by 11 gives the duplication of that number, like 2 x 11 = 22, similarly 6 x 11 = 66 .

Table of 9 can be easily counted on fingers.

Explain to them the commutative property, which will motivate them that they basically need to cover the first basic simple numbers.

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Observe The Patterns and Memorize Them in Steps

With regular practice, children will start noticing that these tables follow a certain pattern of digits which will assist them in memorization as they will be able to relate the patterns to different digits.

Also, they will observe that any number multiplied by zero is zero. All the multiples of 5 end in digit 5, and all the multiples of 10 end in 0.

These few things will help them in learning multiplication tables well; also, each child will take their own pace to learn, but the important thing to be kept in mind is that the basic concept should be clear, which will help them figure out things eventually.

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