How To Create A Productive Study Space In Your Dorm Room


Just because you have a small space (whether it be a dorm or bedroom) it doesn’t mean that you can’t turn it in to a great study area. As we move towards exam season and you need to knuckle down to study and write essays then James Scott has some tips on how you can turn even the smallest dorm space into somewhere you can study effectively.

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Dorm rooms are usually small and the space becomes even more cramped when you end up having a roommate. Even if your space is small, it is very important to have a space in your dorm room where you will be able to concentrate and study productively.

So, if you are looking for ideas to help you create a study space that will help you focus, here are a few tips on doing just that!

Take Advantage Of Your Space

No matter how big or small your dorm room is, one thing is for certain; you can always make more free space. If you wish to fit a desk into a tiny dorm room, start by removing any floor-standing bookshelves that might take up space and instead add shelves on the walls.

Another good idea is to add organizer bags or trays under your bed instead of having a bigger shoe rack. You can apply this to other things as well and have easy access to everything you might need close to you, but also keep them out of your way and therefore save space.

On top on that, you can switch your regular sized fridge to a mini one. Having a smaller fridge will not only help you save space, but it will also allow you to store various things on top of the fridge and therefore provide you easy access to them.

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Keep Things Organized

One of the most important things you need to do when it comes to creating a productive study space anywhere is to keep your things organized. A small dorm room can look even smaller when things are cluttered. If your studying space is messy, you are less likely to feel motivated to study and be productive.

By keeping your belongings in an order, you will be able to only focus on the things in front of you. Make your space pretty by adding a candle with essential oils and make sure everything on your desk is in its place. This is bound to help you concentrate easier and study more effectively.

Stationary Supplies

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Always Have The Supplies You Might Need

There is no bigger problem than sitting down to study only to find out you miss something you needed for this subject.

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When you start organizing your study space and making plans for it, it is important that you make a list where you will write down all the supplies you might need. Start from the basics, like pens, correctors and notebooks but then, do not forget to also include more specific items you might need like a stapler or some duct tape.

Even in this case, make sure you will actually use all the things you are intending to add to your desk. If you get things you will most likely not use you will end up having less space to study and your desk will end up being too cramped.

Set Study Rules To Avoid Distractions

This is an essential step to making your study space the perfect place to study in. It is very important that you make a list of study rules and you remove any possible distraction from near you.

Start by working on the hours that you will study. If you are a night owl, make a plan for studying during the hours that you are the most productive and stick to them.

When it comes to removing possible distractions, start by keeping your phone away from your desk. Even a simple message or a YouTube notification can make you lose focus, so make sure to keep it on silent and in another part of your room.

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In this case, it is also important to let your roomie know of your studying schedule. If you want to study and your roommate wants to watch Netflix or do something else in the room you will need to find a way to make it work. So, make sure to let them know of what you have planned and ask them to help you create a schedule that works for them too.

A Study Space For The Best Results

No matter what your dorm room looks like, it is very simple to make a nice study space if you are determined to keep your grades up and improve your performance.

These simple tips are a great way to start working on your study space and make sure that you cover all the basics. Add your personal touches to your space and make it comfortable so it helps you be more productive!

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