8 Clever Ways To Organize And Tidy Up Your Small Home


If you have a small space, you may be struggling to fit everything in. If the thought of throwing things away upsets you, or you think you don’t have time for regular cleaning then think again! Sofia Locket gives you 8 simple and easy to implement tips on how you can organise small spaces and keep them tidy with minimum effort

8 Clever Ways To Organize And Tidy Up Your Small Home
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With apartment-living more commonplace than ever before, existing in a small space has become a veritable modern art. Even the tidiest of small-home dwellers knows that tight spaces can quickly turn claustrophobic if the spectres of disorganization and mess are left to rule. The good news is that it’s entirely possible to keep your space clean and tidy – get started with the tips and tricks below!

Declutter – Every Season

Don’t be fooled by the notion of the “spring clean”: small homes attract double the surface mess as larger ones, so you really need to commit to a decent decluttering effort at least a few times a year. Implementing this seasonal declutter will mean that you’ll get rid of all the extraneous things you’ve amassed at the same time as you set your mind up for a new season. Besides, who doesn’t like a fresh start every quarter?

Don’t Let The Mess Build Up

Now, leaving your substantial decluttering to the start of every new season doesn’t mean that you can let the mess and filth build up until then. So rather than leaving your dishes to pile up day after day, make a ten-minute surface clean part of your everyday routine, and institute a deep-cleaning day every single month – you’ll sleep much easier for it. You should also aim to do a little cleaning every day, that way you’re not left with a lot of tasks when you decide to tackle the “big” clean.

Keep The Hoarding In Check

If you’re just about to move into an apartment, then chances are that you’ve penned a long list of all the things you need to buy before shifting. Many small-space aficionados would, however, advise you to spend a little time in your new place before buying anything in order to get a feel for what you really need. It doesn’t pay to hoard when you’re working with already-limited square footage, so start as you mean to begin: with the essentials only, and a minimalist frame of mind.

Shipping Container Solutions

If you’re really struggling to contain your possessions within the four walls of your house but don’t want to get rid of anything then consider renting a shipping container or perhaps even expanding your home with the help of this particular reclaimed material (planning permission allowing of course!) Not only are shipping containers cheap, but they’re also sturdy and incredibly amenable to repurposing, so jump on the trend-wagon, and you’ll be well on your way to less clutter in the home.

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Condense Everything

Does your kitchen look like a bomb-site even after you’ve cleaned up the dinner dishes? We’re betting it’s because there are bits and bobs – salt and pepper shakers, appliances, bills – which, having no home themselves, cover the benches instead. The first thing to do is to designate these things a set place with the help of a label-maker. It’s excuse-proof!


If you’re struggling to organize a small house as the head of a large family, then delegate! Give each person jurisdiction over part of the home, and you’ll find the whole house-cleaning project much easier to manage. If your kids are reluctant to help with their allotted chores then think about printing some chore charts that allow you to keep track of the chores done. Each chore could have a points value depending on the “difficulty” of the task and at the end of the week, your child gets to spend (or save) the points for a treat.

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Be Creative With Your Concept Of “Space.”

Living in a small space – a studio apartment, for example – will force you to step outside the boundaries which dictate that the pantry is for food, and the walls are only for art. Instead, ask yourself this: what can you fit where, and how?

Embrace Multi-Purpose Furniture

One of the easiest ways to fit more into a small space (without visibly overcrowding it) is to invest in furniture or décor that doubles as storage. A wooden chest, for example, can hold your spare linen at the same time as it affords your home that all-important antique vibe. Remember: your furniture needs to work in order to earn its space in your home!

Whatever the size of your home, having a lot of clutter around means that you can find it hard to locate items easily and can even be detrimental to your mental health. Using the simple tips above you can start to reclaim your space and begin to use your space to live in, rather than just as storage.

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