How To Choose The Right Chair For Your Office

How To Choose The Right Chair For Your Office


Getting the right chair for your office desk is probably one of the most important purchases you can make in terms of business furniture – after all you’re going to be spending a lot of time sitting in it so you need to get it right!

How to Choose the Right Chair for Your Office
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If you’re working eight hours a day, you definitely need a comfortable chair to sit in. We spend more time sitting in our office chairs than sitting anywhere else. Comfort, leisure and convenience are a few factors that need to be considered before purchasing the right office chair for you.

If you’re thinking what type of office chair you should buy, here are a few chairs you can read about and select the perfect one for you:

1. The La – Z Boy

As the name suggests, this chair is for those who need to work, rest and start working again sitting on their chairs. While resting and taking a break out of your chair is a good idea, sometimes there is not enough time. Taking a power nap on your work chair is all the time you get. This baby makes that happen!

This chair is a comfort, luxury leather chair that is made for your back to be at ease. From gamers to CEOs, anyone who has long hours with minimum break time needs this chair. You can pull the lever and lay down on this chair without noticing a difference between the chair and a couch. You can find more info on and see if this is the chair you need.

2. The Ergonomic Chair

If you have a stressful job that requires typing for long hours, an ergonomic chair is the support your back needs. The leather cushioning throughout the back of this chair helps prevent development of any back or shoulder issues in the body.

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This chair is available in leather cushioning or even an acrylic mesh. You can choose the right one as per your convenience and number of hours in the workplace.

3. The Executive Chairs

Possibly the most widely used chairs in agencies and accounting firms, the executive chairs, along with a sciatica cushion (affiliate link), also offer leather cushioning and padding in the back and bottom. Apart from that, this chair comprises of comfortable arm rests for all the typists who want to rest their elbows and hands.

From Passion To Profit

The executive chairs are the most commonly used chairs as they comprise of the features of an ergonomic chair as well. With tyres in the legs of the chair, it becomes easier to move them around in the work area. These chairs come in different textures, colors and sizes. You can select the executive chair if you prefer comfort for your back, bottom and arms.

4. The Kneel Chair

If typing is your weakness but you cannot seem to rest your back during typing, the kneel chair is for you. The kneel chair comes with a padded footrest attached to the posterior of the chair. This footrest lets you kneel with your knees being supported by the chair. Your body weight shifts from your back to the knees and you are able to work in a more active way.

This is what you need if you cannot sit still with your back resting with the back of the chair.

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5. The Petite Chairs

The petite chairs, as their name suggests, as relatively smaller chairs for your work. If you think a comfy chair might put you to sleep, this is the chair that will keep you active. With a mesh in the back and no arm rests, there is minimum scope of resting and a lot more of work!

How About No Chair At All?

Assuming you don’t have any issues that prevent your being on your feet for long periods of time then why not try a standing desk ? They can help with a whole host of health issues and keep you from developing bad posture and other desk-related problems.

Whatever chair you use, ensure that it’s important to ensure that it suits the purpose you’re going to be using it for  and that it’s adjustable enough to be comfortable. With that in mind, it might be worthwhile spending a little extra on your chair to ensure that it’s sturdy enough to put up with the rigours of everyday use and it may be better to go to a physical store so you can try the chairs out rather than relying on online reviews.

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