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How To Become An Expert In The Beauty Industry

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Anyone can learn a thing or two about skincare. There are plenty of how-to blogs available on the internet. However, becoming an expert needs a lot more than that.

There are many advantages to having a beauty career. It’s a big industry that offers a wide range of opportunities. You can either become an esthetician, a cosmetologist, a make-up artist, or a nail technician. Plus, you can even be an entrepreneur with your own beauty salon.

But before you achieve any of these, you need to establish a few things first. No one wakes up one day and suddenly becomes a pro. You need to invest more time, effort, and money. To help you, we compiled a list of things you can do to achieve your dreams.

Get a License in Cosmetology

A license is, in most states, required before you practice in the field. But, before you do, you need to have graduated from a cosmetology school or program.

There are plenty of cosmetology schools to choose from. Moreover, community colleges and vocational schools also offer cosmetology programs. And, you can also enroll in an online class in some courses. You just need to look for the ones that are accredited by the licensing board.

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Completing a degree isn’t the only requirement before you can take the licensure exam. You also need to complete specific hours of training, depending on the state you’re in. On average, you need to complete 1,500 hours of training.

After graduating, you can finally take the exams. But you don’t need to rush things, especially if you’re still unprepared. After all, you’ll be taking three kinds of exams. One is to test your knowledge of theories and procedures. The next one is to gauge how well you know the eight core services. And the last one is an exam on state cosmetology laws.

It’s a bit overwhelming to think about. Examinations can put you under a lot of stress. And taking the exam when you’re stressed is not ideal. That’s why we advise you to test your knowledge with cosmetology practice tests online. To know more about these tests, you can browse this site.

But, to give you an insight, these tests contain questions from previous licensure exams. For that reason, you already have an idea of what the next examination is about. Aside from that, they can help you determine what topics you need to focus on. There’s no need to study everything. You can use the extra time to master important key points.

Improve Your Cosmetology Skills

Getting a job in the beauty industry is not just about learning everything about beauty regimes. If you want to become a successful beauty expert, you also need to improve your other skills. You won’t have your nose buried under skincare products or make-up. You also get to talk to your customers. Learn new ways to gain more customers.

For this reason, we listed below some of the skills that every cosmetologist should have and improved.


Having to transform the looks and style of your customer into something they love is rewarding. It does not only make you feel successful, but it also builds your client’s trust. If you understand what your client wants, they will surely come back for more.

However, to effectively communicate, you shouldn’t just be a good listener. You should also know what questions are appropriate to ask. This way, you’ll get insights into how you did their hair or make-up. Customer feedback is always a good way of gauging your abilities. One of the main goals of your job is to give your customers the make-over they want.


After communication comes integrity. You, as a beauty expert, know the limitations of your abilities. Effectively communicating this to your clients will save you from a lot of trouble. It will take so much effort to explain why you gave them the wrong hair care treatment. Plus, this will damage your reputation.

Aside from your limitations, you should learn how to tell your client if the style they want is a good fit. It will be your fault if they end up hating the outcome, especially if they asked for your opinion.

It’s not wrong to say no to a request. If a particular haircut does not suit their facial shape, tell them. After that, give them another option. Just remember to say it in a kind and respectful way.

Customer Service

Cosmetologists work in the service business. That means you also need to have excellent customer service skills. This will be useful in a variety of ways, including greeting clients and making them feel welcome. It is also a part of good customer service to cater to their needs and deliver outstanding service.

This skill will help you build your relationship with your current customer. In addition to that, it will also help you gain new customers. Did you know that people will share with their friends and families about the service they received? If you want career growth, it’s best to provide them with the best customer service experience.


Cosmetologists and beauty experts alike are considered artists. If you’re an artistic person who loves to express yourself, cosmetology is a great field for you.

Creativity is one way of showing how you’re well-versed with different hair care techniques. As a beauty specialist, you can experiment with new ideas and ways to do things. However, there’s also nothing wrong with polishing your current abilities. There’s always a place for your originality.

From Passion To Profit


Being in the beauty industry, it’s important that you can adapt to new trends and techniques. There are always new skincare products to try, new ways to treat people’s hair. It’s an ever-evolving world. Even after getting a license, you should continue enhancing your knowledge in the field.

Pay attention to the news and keep up with new trends and fashion. Adapting to the changes will help you stand out and raise your demand.


If you’re a cosmetologist, then there is a high chance that you want your own beauty business. But this will be challenging if you don’t know anyone in the industry. Most successful cosmetologists have their colleagues support them with their business.

By interacting with other cosmetology experts, you can create a strong network of support. They will be helpful in growing your business.

Have Hands-On Work Experience

Knowledge is one thing, but a career in cosmetology also relies on hands-on experience. Cosmetology school may have taught you about the different ways of cutting hair. But it’s different if you put it to practice.

You can start gaining experience by working as an intern. You’ll learn various things about beauty products with a professional by your side. There are several job openings in the beauty industry, and most are given by top specialists. They will be delighted to get extra hands from an intern.

Start Your Own Business

The beauty of starting a career in the cosmetology field is you can have your own business. This is the best way of getting your name out in the beauty industry. Aside from that, you get to be your own boss!

But to have a business, there are a lot of things to prepare. First and foremost, you need to decide which service you want to offer. Most business owners choose the service they specialize in.

Incorporating every beauty service in your business is going to be difficult to manage. More importantly, you’ll have a hard time competing with other businesses.

Aside from that, you also need to know how your business is different from others. Why would people want to get their hair treated in your salon? What makes your salon special?

It’s not wise to create a haircare business in a street with another hair care business. One of the main reasons is that the other salon already has the local customers’ trust.

There is also the issue of marketing your business. Thankfully, the internet has given us a convenient means of gaining customers. Digital marketing is helpful in boosting sales and spreading brand awareness.

You can start by setting up an account on different social media platforms. In addition to that, you can also create your website to generate web traffic.

If you really want to become an entrepreneur, then you should start planning. Otherwise, you’ll only end up wasting a lot of your time and money.

Continue Learning in Your Field

Getting a license should not be the end of your learning process. Being committed to perfecting your skills outside the classroom is an important part of your job. Fashions and trends change all the time, so you’ll need to stay up to date.

Illustration of a smart phone, computer screen with code and a folder icon
New digital platforms emerge into existence every second. You hear about the launch of a new app, a new software, or a new website almost every day! In fact, a lot of companies are shifting their entire business online. What does this digital transformation mean for the business world?

Fortunately, there are several workshops and programs available. You can get certification and training even in the newest hairstyles. Although, you’ll be spending money on these training sessions. Just consider them an investment in your work that will pay off in the long run.


Establishing a career in the beauty industry can be challenging. Many have tried, but only some have become successful. With the list above, you can have a chance to stay on top of the industry. It may take you a long time, but it’s going to be worth it in the end.

But, remember, anyone can dream. It only becomes a reality if you do something about it.

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