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How To Add Intrigue And Inspiration To Your Home Workspace

Room with sage walls, dark wooden floor and white rug and chairs

How To Add Intrigue And Inspiration To Your Home Workspace

White walls, white ceiling, long overhead lights you only see in businesses – most office spaces are very generic. If you’re lucky, you can give it a dash of personality with a couple of personal trinkets or family photos. It can be hard to find motivation and get your creativity flowing if you’re in a setting that lacks anything inspiring or thought-provoking.

Luckily, you can design a home workspace with your specific work and inspiration needs in mind. Here are some tips for creating a home office space that inspires you.

More Than A Book

Light wooden bookshelves with a variety of white and coloured books on them

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Most of us have stacks of books from school, work, or even enjoyment that we may not want to read regularly, but we also don’t want to get rid of them. Contemporary bookcases are an opportunity to transform cluttered or inconvenient stacks into something intriguing. If you have extra shelf space, you can even use it to display personal mementos.

The Places You’ve Been

Closeup of a map of the USA with pins in various locations

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Did you know travel can (indirectly) boost your productivity? Burnout is a real problem, and one simple way to prevent it is by giving yourself some new scenery where you can mentally recharge. USA push-pin travel maps are an excellent conversation piece that tracks where you’ve been and where you want to go.

Listen Up

Top down view of a Mac keyboard, mouse and trackpad

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Don’t be afraid to add speakers to your workspace! You can use them for more than listening to work meetings. From smart speakers to Bluetooth or standard computer speakers, this simple and practical addition can provide endless inspiration through music.

Listening to music can also improve productivity and even help relieve stress. The right genre can inspire you or impact your mood. Try classical background music and play around with different genres to see what works for you.

Light It Up

Neon sign that reads we are all made of stories

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Would you prefer to leave the bright overhead lights behind at the corporate office? Yes, you still want plenty of light so you don’t strain your eyes while you work, and your coworkers or clients can see you during video calls. But with a home office, you have a lot of opportunities to create a well-lit space without the glaring brightness from above.

A lamp on your desk or in the corners of the room can provide sufficient light for work, and you can also make use of natural light from any windows in the room. You also have more freedom to adjust the lighting for personal comfort.

If you want something a little more fun and creative, a personalized LED sign is a fun light source that can double as wall art. If your employer is on the conservative or formal side, you can always place it strategically out of sight of your camera. For workers with more creative or casual employers, this sign can be a perfect conversation starter!

Make It Your Own

Wooden desk with bold wallpaper in the background

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The most important part of an inspiring and intriguing home workspace is making it fit your tastes. If you don’t feel comfortable or get distracted by how much you hate the paint color, that’s your signal to change it! Create a space that represents you, and you’ll find more inspiration while you work.

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