Spring Designs For Your Home

Spring Designs For Your Home


As we put winter behind us and welcome spring, you might have a desire for your home to mark the change in seasons. As we pack up our holiday decor, we open our homes to spring. While we may think Winter is the only time to celebrate the seasons through your home decor, Spring is a great time to switch things up.

Spring flowers in a vase with a small framed print that says "Hello Spring"
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As we put winter behind us and welcome spring, you might have a desire for your home to mark the change in seasons.

As we pack up our holiday decor, we open our homes to spring. While we may think Winter is the only time to celebrate the seasons through your home decor, Spring is a great time to switch things up.

By incorporating flowers, greenery, and spring colors into your home, you create the perfect springtime oasis. If you’re looking for ways to switch up your home decor for Spring, you’ve come to the right place.

Incorporate Spring Colors

As the seasons change, so should the color palette of your home. In the wintertime, you might have incorporated cooler jewel tones into your space, like ruby reds, deep greens, and sharp blues.

However, as we shift to spring, try to find ways to incorporate a springtime color palette across your home. A spring color palette consists of warm shades, like bright yellows, oranges, and pastel colors.

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Switching your color palette from winter shades to spring colors doesn’t mean you have to change the colors of your walls, instead, you can incorporate more color through accent pieces.

Consider switching out your rug to a more spring-friendly option, and change out your throw pillows and blankets. If you’re getting tired of the colors of your walls, you can find tons of wallpaper options mimicking greenery and flowers to give your home an entirely new look suitable for Spring.

Revamp Your Outdoor Spaces

As the weather grows warmer as we approach Spring, this is the perfect time to refresh your outdoor spaces. You and your family will likely spend more time outdoors, so why not create the perfect comfy oasis?

Consider installing a barbecue for your outdoor space so your family and friends have a place to cook outside. You should also invest in some outdoor furniture to create conversational spaces.

Swap out any old outdoor furniture for new comfort spaces, and aim to incorporate some spring colors. Springtime calls for fresh flowers and lots of greenery, so create a space where you can appreciate the changing seasons right from home.

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The Power Of Flowers

Spring calls for the blossoming of flowers and the vibrancy of fresh greenery. A great way to bring spring energy into your home is by bringing some of the lush outdoors inside. As flowers bloom come Springtime, you have lots of affordable options on fresh cut flowers.

If you want to bring the essence of spring into your decor, look for a flower shop near you. These flower shops offer seasonal bouquets of the freshest spring flower pickings.

If you don’t have a local flower business in your area, head to Trader Joe’s! There you can find tons of affordable options for flowers. If you don’t like ready-made bouquets in stores, you can purchase individual flowers and make a custom bouquet. Look online for some tips on how you can make your dream bouquet right at home.

Springtime is the perfect time of year to plant flowers in your garden. By next spring, you’ll have fresh flowers to bring into your home right from your backyard.

Change Your Linens

Almost every home has a stack of linens. From bedsheets and duvet covers to kitchen towels, napkins, bath towels, and more, you have a lot of opportunities to change out your linens to make your home more spring-time friendly. Ditch your flannel sheets from winter and opt for cooling linens in fun prints as the weather starts to warm.

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You can incorporate flower and greenery patterns to bring nature into your home. You can also swap out your linens for solid pastel colors if you like to keep things simple.

Bring Some Sunshine To Your KitchenKitchen showing bright yellow accents and flowers

If you’ve been holding off on a kitchen remodel, springtime is a perfect time to do it. Replacing old kitchen appliances with newer versions helps increase the value of your home and allows you to incorporate a more bright color palette.

Along with main features like your oven and kitchen hood, consider installing a tile backsplash to the walls behind your appliances. You can also install more luxurious feeling hardware to your cabinets for an instant refresh.

In addition to the main features of your home, you can also upgrade your tableware to bring springtime in. Consider investing in tableware for each season, and for spring you can do light-colored plating to contrast spring napkins and table mats. Additionally, you can incorporate nature into your table centerpiece for the perfect finishing touch.

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Switch Out Wall Decor

Along with the colors of your walls, consider swapping your existing wall decor in your home. This doesn’t mean taking down your favorite canvas print photos but instead, swapping out a few pieces for spring-friendlier options.

You can create your own spring wall art by placing dried flowers into frames. If making your decor sounds more trouble than it’s worth, source wall art that incorporates flowers or spring colors.

You can also hang art of springtime phrases like “Welcome Spring” or “May showers bring Spring flowers.” For extra visual appeal, consider mixing colors and textures within your wall art for a three-dimensional effect.

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Spring-Friendly Smells

It’s essential to incorporate the five senses into your decor. During the winter, you may have opted for warm and sweet smells of vanilla, pine, gingerbread, and pumpkin, but the Spring calls for something completely different.

If you want your home to look and smell Spring-inspired, switch up your scents. For the Spring, opt for smells of citrus, linens, and florals to bring some fresh smells into your space.

If you hate the smell of artificial scents from candles, you can bring in fresh-cut flowers instead. Not every flower has a powerful and pleasant scent, but jasmine, lavender, lilies, and roses are great choices with more subtle smells.

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If you’re looking for something a little more high-powered, a simmer pot is just what you need. You can cut up slices of oranges or lemons and mix them with coconut and fresh herbs to have a custom scent to fill your home.

Spring For Spring

With a little effort, you can transform your home in a few simple steps. Whether this means swapping out your linens, designing your springtime wall art, or revamping your outdoor spaces, you can make some minor changes for a big impact.

Dump home decor trends and choose spring decor you actually can see yourself loving for years to come. With some of these ideas in mind, you’re on your way to the perfect home for spring.

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