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Traveling may seem like an activity you only do during your free time or holidays. Still, it can help you be productive in many senses for your mental health and growth as a person. Visiting a new place or learning a country’s history could benefit you.

It’s time to check out the most spectacular scenery and one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world that you could find in the United States. Due to the size of the US, most people pick a region, like the East Coast, the Southwest, or farther areas like Hawaii and Alaska. Check the most popular places in the US:

The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a fascinating natural attraction in the United States. The site is located by the Colorado River, creating dramatic cliff walls and ledges. Visitors usually stand on the rim and see down the canyon floor a mile below. You can also enjoy the ridges and cliffs stretching forever.

Image of a rock with a hole carved out of it at the Grand Canyon

Image Source: Pixabay on

Head to the South Rim, only 4.5 hours from Las Vegas and the most visited area. Check the visitors’ center and the regular bus service during high season. The walkway runs along the canyon with several viewpoints.

You can take the Bright Angel Trail and enjoy the gorgeous landscape. In addition, you could try the Skywalk, a glass bridge over the edge of the Grand Canyon located at Eagle Point on the West Rim. Finally, you can visit the North Rim, offering a different perspective of the Grand Canyon. It has limited access between November and May due to the weather.

Niagara Falls

Located on the Canada-US border, Niagara Falls is the most famous waterfall worldwide. Water coming from Lake Erie flows into Lake Ontario while passing these falls. The spectacular drop is what attracts most visitors.

Two of the falls at Niagara with frozen grass in the foreground

Image Source: Mian Rizwan on

Niagara Falls has three falls: the Horseshoe Falls with a 187-foot drop, the American Falls with an 89-foot drop, and the Bridal Veil Falls with a 78-foot drop. Although views are incredible from both sides, the Canadian side provides a perspective worth the visit.

Summer is the most popular season to visit Niagara Falls, so expect large groups. Still, during winter, you can see the snow-covered shores and ice-covered railings.

Statue Of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty represents a universal symbol of freedom and is the most familiar icon in New York City. Visitors can appreciate the statue from several points around the city, especially from Battery Park or the ferry.

A view of the Statue of Liberty from the water

Image Source: Riccardo Fraccarollo on

If you want to get closer to the figure, you can opt between ground tickets, pedestal tickets, or crown tickets—each offering access to different parts of the statue. The best option is a sightseeing tour to see the monument and Ellis Island. Don’t miss other attractions in New York, like Broadway, Times Square, or Manhattan.

The White House

The White House is the official residence of the US President and one of Washington’s main attractions. The historic structure offers a look at US history and past presidents.


Image Source: Tom Fisk on

You can also visit the nearby Lafayette Park, where you can find interesting characters and several spots to take pictures.

James Hoban built the White House in 1792. The British army burned the White House down in 1814. Therefore, it was rebuilt in 1818. If you want to take a tour, reserve in advance as they get booked fast. The tours are free.

Documentation For Visiting The US – US ESTA

Visiting the US and using your time wisely could be a productive holiday for you. Before traveling, confirm the documentation you need for your trip.


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In this case, you may only need the US ESTA, a travel authorization document available for nationalities exempt from a US visa. There’s good news: iVisa can help you process the digital application to get it as soon as possible.

Complete an online form with your details and receive an email with the required documentation. Display it to US immigration services and enjoy everything the United States has to offer.

Don’t worry about anything because customer service agents are ready to help you with any questions. Forget about embassies or consulates because all you require is an internet connection to get the ESTA. Trust the platform and continue planning your trip to the US.

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