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How Technological Advancements Are Changing The Landscape Of Learning

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How Technological Advancements Are Changing The Landscape Of Learning Staff
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The past year has certainly been a somewhat challenging and stressful time for teachers and pupils alike with the effects of the covid-19 pandemic disrupting the academic year.

Teachers have had to rethink how they are able to teach their students and come up with innovative ways to encourage pupil interaction. With the help of technological advancements today they found new ways to think up lesson plans and interact with their pupils.

Online Group Meetings Replacing Physical Teaching in Classroom

Without a doubt the use of Zoom throughout 2020 and into the start of 2021 proved a vital way for teachers to still be able to interact with their students and continue lesson plans. It also gave the students an opportunity to see their classmates as well which provided a way for them to still interact with their peers.

Though it would not be the same as having all the pupils together it proved beneficial for perhaps the quieter students who would feel shy about asking questions in front of their peers and instead would be able to message their teacher on the chat function to repeat a particular question.

More Creative Ways To Engage With Pupils

The pandemic enabled teachers to use more creative ways to test their pupils’ knowledge and allow them to interact. Online platforms such as Kahoot enables teachers to set fun interactive based quiz questions for their pupils.

It allows the teachers to set up multiple choice questions against the clock with visuals, which enables pupils to try and answer as quickly as possible. This is likely to engage the students much more so than a paper quiz. It also enables teachers to download the results which is useful for them to observe which pupils are understanding the various subject matters and which areas they are perhaps not so confident in.

The Positives of Remote Learning

The positive aspects for teachers regarding remote learning is that they are able to maintain online classroom control, perhaps more so than they would in physical classrooms where pupils can become easily distracted and disrupt each other. This allows them to get through the study material required and perhaps have a more productive session.

The Future of Remote Learning: Here to Stay?

It is likely that in future remote learning will become the norm.  Perhaps schools will adopt a learning system whereby there is part teaching in physical classrooms and part teaching through the use of remote learning.

The ability of schools to be able to organise learning through online virtual platforms has demonstrated that it is certainly possible and that pupils are learning successfully through this medium, so there are definitely positives in its favour.

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