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Creative Learning Changes Our Approach To Thinking

Creative Learning Changes Our Approach To Thinking

Creative Learning Changes Our Approach To Thinking Staff
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A creative learning environment helps to engage children and people in ways that other teaching techniques cannot. Creative learning is almost always paired with physical learning or rather ‘learn by doing’. Both of these concepts are married to each other. This is why more and more businesses want to teach their employees their way of doing things. Graduates can attest to the fact that many of them are told to forget what they think they know and start from scratch when they enter into a large company.

Creative learning is therefore used by the top corporations in the world, to teach employees unique skills and design training programs around individuals. The key to all of this is helping people think differently. That’s where the really interesting part lies.

HR and development

Business training and development are critical for any business wishing to pass on its culture and operating methods. Think about it, in order for Google and Apple to maintain their way of doing things, they have to train every single new employee to be like them. Graduates are the easiest to train because they have not worked in a similar environment. Human resources departments are tasked with designing training programs that can be adaptable to the person. By offering multiple-choice questions, problem-solving in real-time, offering different scenarios and starting and ending the programs in different ways, employees of varying experience and knowledge can achieve similar levels of competency and understanding.

Parents and children

The more you look at modern curriculums, the more you see creative thinking is being established early on. Take for example Leicester High School for Girls where they specifically teach children to make creative links in all aspects of their learning. The school wants pupils to “apply themselves creatively and express their knowledge and understanding effectively.” it’s crucial that children are taught how to question and not just how to think. Creative learning is all about problem-solving and taking on multiple challenges from different angles, to solve every puzzle and answer every question. Parents should take note, this kind of thinking should be introduced to their children at a young age so it becomes ingrained in their nature.

Introduction to technology

If you somehow brought someone from the 1900s to the present day, they would be shocked by the advances in technology we enjoy now. If you introduced technology to them, they would probably be unable to wrap their heads around how to use it, let alone how it works. So, introducing technology to your children, employees and to yourself must be done as soon as possible. It can help us solve problems, look at issues from different angles and most of all, visualize what we’re trying to accomplish. Home designers wouldn’t be able to finish a project in half the time if it weren’t for 3D modeling and infrastructure testing.

Technology gives us a lot of answers which we should use to ask new questions. Introducing it to your children and to your business will aide creative thinking and improve productivity. Equally as important, is taking your children to a school that values creative thinking.

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