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Cost-Effective & Sustainable Office Renovation Ideas

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Cost-Effective & Sustainable Office Renovation Ideas

As with home renovations, commercial fitouts are large projects that can be daunting, even if you’re bringing in contractors to do the job. The planning and organising process can involve a great deal of work, and there’s a lot to think about. Luckily, we’ve put together just a couple of recommendations that have been helpful to other office managers that have updated their workspaces.

While this article in no way covers everything, having these tips in the back of your mind will certainly help you out down the track.

Buy In Bulk

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When renovating, you’ll usually replace things like furniture, couches and chairs. If you’re not using recycled, second-hand goods (which is a really good idea and environmentally friendly), we recommend buying bulk from one supplier. Some offices will even go after furniture intended for residential purposes, as it can be cheaper.

You can save if you’re working with a single manufacturer and have more leverage to negotiate the pricing. This can also apply to contractors; using one company that provides all the services (or outsources) can save you a considerable amount of money.

The key thing here is to do your research! In some cases, you’ll be paying a little extra for the outsourced work, and there are situations when you’d be better off working with your commercial painting contractors, for instance.

Decorate The Floor Too

Obviously, you are largely renovating for practical reasons, but the look of your new office is also a big part of the reason too. Transforming and improving how your workspace looks and feels is an important part of the process, not only for potential visitors but to improve the experience of working there too.

To complete the look, remember that the wall and floor can be decorated too. Hanging art and clever use of a rug can help complement other decorative features and create an ambience that is particularly effective.

Plan For An Office That Encourages Movement

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There is evidence to suggest that promoting purposeful movement in the office environment can make for more engaged and happy staff, which improves productivity. If workers have a reason to move around the office throughout the day rather than sitting at their desks, chances are you, and they will be better off. The layout of your office can play a big part in this, so keep it in mind when planning your commercial fitout.

Some of the ways this can be achieved may be the use of stand-up desks or meeting spaces, less emphasis on cubicle-style offices and more open spaces.

Keep Sustainability In Mind

It is becoming more important to consider how energy efficient your workspace is, and government rules and regulations are coming into the equation too, in some cases. A range of obvious benefits come from making your new office as efficient as possible, not least of all the fact that you’ll be spending less on energy in the long run.

LED lights, double-glazed windows and various other appliances can be utilised to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Improving airflow and allowing for as much natural light as possible are also good ideas to ensure less energy is used to heat, cool or light your office.

If you’re renovating or updating the look of your office, you’ll want to have a chat with trustworthy commercial office fitouts specialists. Some have been in the industry for many years and have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Contact them for more details or a casual chat about your project.

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