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Emma Sneddon, a freelance writer and an independent blogger. She mostly writes about sustainable and alternative living solutions. She likes to write in the most effective ways to drive new sales and revenue for local business. She is a frequent article contributor to Neutrino Burst! and Aussie Lifestyle blog.
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Office Productivity

How Painting Can Increase Productivity At Your Workplace

August 12, 2019 By Emma Sneddon

Often members of staff can appear fatigued or unmotivated despite making good time and managing workloads. In the workplace, we sometimes find that our mood can completely change based on our surroundings and décor. For instance, how you paint the breakroom can offer staff a respite from the white office walls and help reconfigure focus, as it’s not only the workload that affects us at work. Oddly enough the surroundings have more to do with our general mood and emotions then we realise even down to the paint colour we use on our walls.…more »

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