Business Growth Tips: How to Communicate Your Brand Message


Getting your message across is a must, but how you do that can be a bit confusing in this digital age. In this article Nina Simons walks you through some of the main points that will keep your branding on track and get your company noticed.

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Branding is the key to communicating your customers what your business, product or service stand for. What value does it bring to their lives? Having your brand on top-of-the-mind with the consumers is the key way to influence their buying decisions.

How you communicate your brand with your market and audience will determine how effective do you reach and retain your users. A brand is an expectation you create to meet your market and audience needs. For people, it sums up the whole experience they have with you and your business from the first moment they learn about it. If you consistently deliver on this expectation, you will improve your business effectiveness by shortening sales cycles, improve customer satisfaction and increase brand awareness, user reach and retention. Here are a few ways of achieving that.

Consolidate your brand messaging

It’s often the case that fresh businesses and startups have troubles consolidating their brand messaging across all marketing channels. This mainly happens due to broad marketing distribution – freshers try increasing brand awareness in a sprint by experimenting with various content and messaging. This leads to dilution of the message you convey and potential customers get confused.

By consolidating your brand message, those 20-25 words that explain your brand mission, vision , and status, you’ll enable your users to recognize it whichever channel you distribute it. Think of it this way – a person may run into a flyer on the street when passing by. If that person is intrigued by your message, he will look you up on other channels as well (Google, Facebook, local newspapers) even though you haven’t made any specific effort in it. By consolidating your brand message across all distribution channels, you will:

  • Improve cross-channel marketing success
  • Lower the acquisition costs as you’ll be having higher assisted conversions
  • Increase brand awareness and improve brand recognition

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Maintain highest standards in visual design

Telling your brand story is vital for your brand recognition. Powerful strategic messaging will get you far but the word is not enough. People are cognitive beings – we tie visuals, emotions and feelings to words and live them out as experiences. Powerful visuals are the way to communicate your message without having to tell a single word.

Your branding will strongly depend on your visuals. Starting from the color palette, logo design and marketing collateral from brochures and flyers up to digital formats. Start with your brand book. Define the colors, their positioning and variants for different formats. Each update to any of the branding visuals will cause you less friction in its implementation and distribution.

This leaves you with more room for testing out new designs, stay on top of design trends and retain your brand impression with new generations. It’s always recommended to opt for the best digital agencies to work on your visual design and branding collateral from the start as it will learn and grow with your business from the start.

Showcase your expertise – become a thought leader

Trust is becoming an ever-growing issue with consumers. And in this era of digital startups, constant organizational mergers and acquisitions it’s no wonder the gap is increasing. People don’t know who they are working with, who’s meeting their needs and who handles their problems.

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You represent your brand. The company, the people, culture and expertise behind it. You as a representative and brand ambassador need to cross this gap and be close to the consumers. By showcasing your expertise in the field and sharing it with people in your target market and audience, you strengthen your position. People are more likely to interact with your brand and eventually have business with your company if they know they will be working with actual people they know or follow.

It doesn’t matter what channel you will be working. Digital publishing, events, Q&A sessions or social media – wherever you go, spread the word of your company culture. Showcase your expertise. Talk to people. Become a thought leader and your brand’s strongest ambassador. There is no better way to build strong leads and referrals and it does wonders for your branding efforts.

If you have your brand strategy defined, you’ve defined your brand promise and your unique value proposition. Make sure everyone in your organization is aware of this so they can have a clear picture of your goals and stem for it. Each employee is a brand ambassador and every time they touch your market you’re gaining an opportunity to showcase and strengthen your position among the competitors.

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