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Bloginality┬áhave an interesting take on the Myers-Briggs personality test by linking it to blogging. Answer a few simple questions and they give you your “Blogging Personality Type” with the added bonus of links through to how this works for careers etc. Here are my results with a few comments added:

You Are ISTP:

As an ISTP, you are Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving.
This makes your primary focus on Introverted Thinking with Extroverted Sensing.
(Hmm Guess so, I do tend to focus inwardly a bit)

This is defined as a SP personality, which is part of Carl Jung’s Artisans (Sensation Seeking) type, and more specifically the Crafters or Mechanics.

Because of your desire for action and independence, you will change the format of blogging or design frequently to keep it interesting and different. (Too right – lost count of the number of redesigns in the past year!) Your loyalty may have you reading the same blogs over a long period of time (Again, very true… I’m always reluctant to unsubscribe from a feed). Even though you could be easily bored with blogging (No Way! I love it too much! Can’t you tell?!), you might find that because you like following a project through, this is a good way for you to use your alone time to sort the facts you pick up through the day (Again, quite true. Not sure about “sort” though, more like rant).

Woman working at an iMac while using a tablet and stylus
Taking on free or unpaid work can be a great way to build up your portfolio and get the experience required to pursue a career in your chosen field. But can you justify working for free?

So, how does this relate to me in the “real world”?

Interested in how and why things work

Skillshare - From Proficient To Pro

Do not function well in regimented, structured environments; they will either feel stifled or become intensely bored

Constantly gather facts about their environment and store them away

Illustration of a graduate surrounded by a variety of career choices
The past couple of years have certainly been a test on the rigidity of a number of industries. People the world over have found themselves unemployed as the coronavirus pandemic managed to flip sectors on their head, and a lot of businesses were unable to adjust without suffering a loss...

Have an excellent ability to apply logic and reason to their immense store of facts to solve problems or discover how things work

  • Learn best “hands-on” (definitely)
  • Usually able to master theory and abstract thinking, but don’t particularly like dealing with it unless they see a practical application (in a way, guess this relates to “hands on” again)
  • Action-oriented “doers” (have you seen my post about procrastination?!)
  • Focused on living in the present, rather than the future (not really, I am queen of future Next Action lists)
  • Love variety and new experiences (No way, we fear change)
  • Highly practical and realistic (I’m a Pisces ergo I’m a dreamer. Practical my arse)
  • Excellent “trouble-shooters”, able to quickly find solutions to a wide variety of practical problems
  • Results-oriented; they like to see immediate results for their efforts (In the work I do that doesn’t happen, not bothered)
  • Usually laid-back and easy-going with people (So laid back I’m comatose baby!)
  • Risk-takers who thrive on action (Nope, got the wrong girl unless it’s a dodgy lay of a domino)
  • Independent and determined – usually dislike committing themselves (Over-commit is my middle name)
  • Usually quite self-confident (True, I’ll talk to anyone me. You know that weirdo who always sits next to you on the bus and jabbers away? That’s me, that is)

Joking aside, most of the above is pretty accurate, especially when it comes to the job front – recommends I be a computer programmer.

I still don’t think you can categorise people by 4 simple letters though – seems to be an over-simplification to me and it’s a shame that companies rely on such tests to whittle down potential employees, I’m sure they loose a lot of good candidates that way.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging And Personality Types

  1. “Ha ha, deciding yourself makes the test a little flawed I think. I came out as an INFP. I thought hey that’s cool, I’ve changed a little, but then read the description and saw it wasn’t me. Now I need to go and do the complete myers-briggs test to make sure I know what I am – still better than doing the to do list lol”

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