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Avoid Boring Content Marketing At All Costs


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We are all extremely adept at filtering out the boring advertisement we face on a daily basis. By now, you have likely ignored hundreds of YouTube advertisements promoting a certain free video game to download from the App Store. You likely only purchase fragrance as a gift, or when you have an event coming up, not because you saw someone cool on a motorbike in an advertisement.

It’s rare that the dollar saver menu promotion you saw that morning truly led you to McDonalds. You usually just attended because it was nearby and you felt like indulging in some food that would leave you feeling a little guilty afterwards. Advertisements and promotions are extremely easy to tune out from. And yet they are still very worthwhile and lucrative for your business to invest in. You just need to understand that despite the examples we have just given, a content marketing approach needs to be vibrant, cohesive, and always relevant.

You can achieve that through the following advice. We only hope it helps:

Keep Switching It Up

One marketing campaign isn’t bad. But following the same theme again, and again, and again? It gets old. Everyone knows that Coca-Cola will come up with a beautiful and well-shot Christmas advertisement each year. But they change the theme, and the actors, and the narrative that is presented through that format. Keep switching up your marketing. Better yet, opt for a few messages. For example, you might shoot two or three advertisements and have them on a various loop when being played on YouTube pre-video advertisement slots. This way, people will not skip after watching the ad once. They will listen to what you have to say.

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Go Through Influencers

How is the best means of personalizing your advertisement campaign for an audience of people you wish to target? We would say that in 2019, going through influencers can be a remarkably worthwhile strategy. Sponsoring a podcast, or a YouTube channel, or another form of content worthwhile to the particular audience you are trying to reach. For example, one of the biggest online shows, the Joe Rogan Experience, offers sponsored slots before his show each and every episode. He reads them in a customized manner that helps your message become relatable to his audience, and feels better than the usual marketing spiel. Custom solutions like this exist in 2019. It’s worth using them.

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Flip The Table

Subvert what is expected. Most of us expect to see a well-dressed man or woman riding in a cool car or looking pensively at the camera when seeing an advertisement for fragrance. What if you presented a new character, perhaps someone just as cool but a little more down to earth? What if you put them in a situation that was precarious, and your fragrance somehow helped them navigate that sticky element? When you offer something people do not expect, they pay attention by proxy.

With these efforts, you are certain to avoid boring marketing at all costs.

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