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The Workplace Of The Future: What Could It Look Like?

The Workplace Of The Future: What Could It Look Like?

The Workplace Of The Future: What Could It Look Like? Staff
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The past decade has seen the workplace evolve from the traditional “Monday to Friday, 9-to-5” working routine and cramped, desk filled offices. New technology and the rise of millennial workers has seen open plan offices and flexible working hours.

But what does the future hold for the workplace? Will we see a dramatic change to the working environment? What will future generations expect from the workplace? Read on to see into the possible future of the workplace.

A change in company culture

By 2025, Forbes reports that 75% of the global workforce will be millennials. That means a lot of company cultures and practices will shift in accordance with millennial views and expectations. Workplaces of the future will provide an environment that promotes independence and collaboration.

Employees looking to attract and retain millennial workers need to facilitate these desires when it comes to the workplace. Having open plan areas is great for collaboration, but future offices will also include private work areas, to offer a more flexible style of working.

Technology continues to rise

The boom in technology over recent years will show no signs of stopping down in the future. Technology will likely be the biggest influence when it comes to the future workplace. Devices of today are expected to evolve to become more intuitive in the future and make working life easier.

For example, the future workplace could see technology that uses voice control to take written notes, rather than having a human perform this job. Virtual reality technology could allow more businesses to accommodate for remote working in the future.

Humans and machines

Robots have long been seen as a thing of the future and could find themselves in the workplace in years to come. The rise of robots, algorithms and machines in the workplace has even been estimated to create 133 million jobs globally, reports The Guardian.

The future workplace could see human employees working side by side with digital ones. The increase in digital products and services will mean new systems and processes are needed. This in turn could lead to more machines performing new job functions as well as being used to automate existing tasks.

A greener future

With global warming and climate change being a huge concern all across the world, the future of the workplace could see a greener office. Government regulations, pressure from environmental groups and changing consumer attitudes will most likely lead to sustainable working environments.

The office of the future could be required to follow stricter, green policies due to future legislations and employee expectations. Offices will become more energy efficient and resourceful, as well as see an influence from nature throughout its interiors.

Changing office layout

Every business is different however the general office space is the same, made up of workstations, cubicles and lunchrooms. As future workers want to feel valued by their employers, this could feed its way into the future workspace.

When it comes to the office, more and more businesses will focus on ergonomic features in office design, that benefit the wellbeing of their employees. Technology will also become apart of the future office as well as “alternative” workplace spaces.

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