Old Workers Are The Happiest

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Old Workers Are The Happiest

The BBC has reported that “Older People are happier at work“:

Older workers are the happiest employees, research commissioned by Vodafone suggests.

Seven out of 10 workers aged over 50 said they felt fulfilled compared with half of 25 to 31-year-olds….

The research, based on a survey of 3,800 people, suggested that people in their thirties expressed the most negative feelings about work.

Great! So I’ve got twenty years to go before Im happy at work!

In all seriousness though, I think that the “older” workers would be happier, surely that’s obvious isn’t it? Think about it. They’ve done their hard slog, the kids have left home, they can retire soon, they’ve probably got savings in the bank and have almost paid off their mortgage. A person in their thirties? They’re struggling to pay a mortgage, pay for the kids shoes, pay for a car – you get the picture.

A person in their thirties needs to toe the company line, be a “yes man”. A person in their fifties could easily tell their boss to stuff it if they wanted to.

Okay, I know I’m generalising here but I’m sure you get what I mean. We’re being asked to work longer hours, for less money in an uncertain climate. Is it any wonder we’re moaning?!

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